How to write an outline for your story Video!

So, I decided to make a video to help you all with the writing process, specifically with the outline.  With this video, I will show you how to organize your outline and what each section of your outline should contain.


How To Write A Story: Fin

After you edit the story publish it.
Let the world view what you have created. Some viewers will critic you writing and others will praise it. But before you listen to others form your own opinion. Your opinion is the most important one.

When you do listen to the comments, discern which ones are to help you with your next project from the comments that are negative. Take the comments that help and your thoughts and move on to the next project. Do not beat yourself up about what you could’ve done differently on this project. Move on.

As I come to a close, I would like to say that I hope that you have been inspired. I enjoy sharing my journey of self-expression. If you are a beginner in the world of writing, don’t give up and don’t compare yourself to others. You may feel like you have nothing to offer or other people are doing what you would like but better. Stop lying to yourself. You are an awesome, unique individual who has something to share. Continue to share regardless. Success or failure, You have something to share.

Let me know about the stories you plan to write!

Some Tools For You!

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AmazonBasics Classic Notebook – Ruled

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BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ball Pen, Medium Point (1.0mm), Black, 36-Count


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How To Write a Story: Going Through The Fire of Editing

Editing is a test. I do not like someone else reading what I wrote and critic it. I am sensitive, but writing is helping me get over it. Editing is very necessary. It is the refining process for writing. The process keeps you from being embarrassed and helps your ideas become accessible to others. It’s good to know that someone understands what you wrote.
The resource I like to use is Grammarly. Grammarly forces you to take a second look at your writing and make it as pristine as possible. I have not used the paid version of Grammarly yet, but, someday I would like to.

Grammarly isn’t the only resource there are freelancers or you can even ask your friends. The main goal is to make your idea clear.

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Tools to help you make the outline and write your story

 <img src="” />
BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ball Pen, Medium Point (1.0mm), Black, 36-Count

<img src="” />
AmazonBasics Classic Notebook – Ruled

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Pursuing Serenity (Your Top Priority)

As someone who lives with mental illness, my biggest desires are peace and joy. It is hard trying to obtain it when you are in constant battle with your mind.

I always say that I want to be living and not surviving but I never knew what living was. I always thought living was doing what everyone seems to do nowadays: find financial freedom and travel. I always knew that there was more to life than that (I still want to travel). I caught glimpses of what actual living was through podcasts and sermons.

The living is taking life in bits with patience. We are always doing something. I take great pride in being a busybody but, it feels better to simplify life. My mother said it best: take life second by second, minute by minute and day by day. We tend to forget to take it all in slowly and through pieces. It is easy because we are fed so much information at once. There is easy access to everyone and less privacy.


6 Film scenes that have inspired me

This list is kinda like an extension of my favorite movies list that seems to never stop growing.  These scenes, in particular, I hold very near and dear to my heart. They keep my love for film alive in the midst of all of these subpar movies.

Here’s the list:

Kida and The Crystal Scene
This scene has always stuck out in my mind. The color and music create an omnipotent atmosphere. It is such an underrated scene and very rare. A woman of color who transcends from a princess to a divine power source, it makes me feel empowered and inspired. Each time I watch that scene, it reminds me that I have the power to create my own world.


The Water Spirit in Spirited Away
In Spirited Away there are many beautiful and breath-taking scenes such as Chihiro visiting Granny or the numerous world -exploring scenes. The scene that inspires me is the Water Spirit scene. The scene starts with everyone taking a relaxing bath and then there is the alarming presence of a spirit. The bath plays a huge role in this scene and that is the main reason why I like the scene so much. You can almost feel how relaxing the bath is from the steam, rushing water and the sighs of relaxation. The artwork and ornate decor enhance the scene.



Sharon Apple’s Concert Macross Plus
Macross Plus has one of the best soundtracks in anime history. The way this soundtrack shines is during Sharon Apple’s concert. The concert starts, the mood is set and then Santi-U plays. Sharon, the AI swims across the clouds and mesmerizes the thousands of people (plus the audience) with her singing. I love the soundtrack very much and frequently listen to it. My favorite songs are Pulse and Santi-U.

Magnetic Rose from Memories
Magnetic Rose is one of the best anime short films. Everything about this short film is beautiful plus the same person who scored Macross plus did the score for this film. It is hard to choose which part is my favorite because it was just so beautiful.


The flooding of the bathroom scene in The Shape of Water
This scene was very beautifully shot. The lighting and facial expressions were perfect. It encapsulated the innocence of the main character as well as transitioning the audience to a fantastical world in which the character and love interest are free. It is a rare scene.


Circus Scene from Cat Soup
The Circus scene from Cat Soup is an odd scene. It is very ethereal and eccentric, but I like it. It reminds me of when I would watch the circus at a place called the City Museum (it is essentially a building where you climb and find oddities). The style of the scene is somewhat nostalgic. It serves as a reminder that life experiences mixed with fantastical elements make an interesting story.

Live Vidly!