My reason to Travel

Travel is more than just going to visit a place. It is a chance to gain clarity. Our World is fabricated so much that we need to go to another one to discover who we are. This journey to gain more clarity on me and what makes me is something that I have wanted to do but never had the chance too.

I have felt the need to get away from societal and political pressures. These pressures cripple me as a young black female who is simply trying to find her way in life. I need to let go of the weight of the roles I have played throughout life and re-evaluate my positions in life.

Travel takes away the roles and obligations and helps travelers gain a new perspective. Through seeing new cultures or through self-examination, travel can change your life. Even though travel will not solve all of the answers, there will be fewer questions to ask after the experience.

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Top 6 Destinations That have inspired me


This is a list of places that I have visited throughout my life whether I was a flight attendant or in Highschool. Each place is very special to me and gives me inspiration. I would like to go back to most of these places one day. I encourage you to check out some of these places. They aren’t very talked about and are extremely awesome so if you ever get the chance then definitely go a visit these areas.




Australia is the place that has been a big inspiration in my life. My dream is to go back. I went to Australia when I was 16 and that changed my life. I can’t see myself not traveling after the experience.
For a long time, I wanted to go back, and I have tried many times. This year I plan on getting my Working Holiday Visa.

The reason why I love this destination so much is the culture and the untouched beauty of the land.  Australia is a very aesthetically pleasing and overall a great place to draw inspiration for creating a new world.  It is a very vibrant place.


Leon, Mexico


I would consider Leon one of Mexico’s best destinations. It’s untouched by tourism. It isn’t a beach town, but it’s just a beautiful city. As a Flight Attendant, I was blessed to have an overnight here. Leon is a very artistic place, there is art everywhere especially in the city center. The landscape is beautiful too. I wish that I could go back someday. The most interesting thing about Leon is the number of Japanese people that go there.

Leon has a very interesting architecture such as a hulk nightclub and the museums. It is a modern oasis surrounded by a hilly landscape.


Queretero, Mexico


This area is another hidden gem in Mexico. It is so beautiful that I have had dreams about the city. It is a mountainous area with a lively city square. Surrounding the city square are well-preserved buildings and cathedrals. Although the city prides itself on its history, there are some unexpected surprises like a bubble tea cafe and creperie. If you do go, I highly recommend the Chocolate Factory in the City Square.


Durango, Colorado


When landing at this destination you are instantly taken to a different world. Durango is very surreal. I highly recommend this area for relaxation or a romantic vacation. This destination is very picturesque, almost as if was untouched by man.


St. Hermann, Missouri


This town in Missouri is a like a Norman Rockwell painting. There’s a very well preserved cathedral, small houses, and shops lined across cobblestone streets. Unfortunately, there isn’t a hotel or Airbnb, on the other hand, there are some Inns.

Tempe, Arizona

I like Tempe more than Phoenix. It is a lively and picturesque city. My favorite place in Tempe is the Lake, it is so relaxing to look at and the walkway is romantic with the lights stringing from one side of the street to another.

My Romantic First Date with Writing

In high school, I didn’t really have any expectations for my future. All I knew was that I liked anime, I was interested in drawing and I wanted to go to Japan. Throughout my freshman year, I got good grades and people started to notice that I am smart. During this time, I began to like creative writing and drawing but it wasn’t until summer where I was introduced to the possibilities of writing.

The summer of my Sophmore year was the summer that changed my life completely. I became a student ambassador and traveled to Australia. It was at the Sebel in Maroochydore where I experienced writing to it’s fullest potential.  I had the experience of a lifetime. I was on the top floor in a suite that looked like something I would love to model my future home after. While everyone else I was sharing the room with was occupied with other things I went on the balcony to write. It was a dusty orange sunset that glided down to the city skyline. I  felt inspired to open my journal and click my pen.  There I reflected on the events that happened earlier that day. I thought about each moment in detail: what I felt, the smell, the taste and what I saw. I wrote as much as I could down but it felt like my hand couldn’t keep up with my head but I wrote until I completed what I had to say. It felt like my mind was opened.

If you have had such an experience let me know in the comment section below. Also if you want to buy some supplies to get your journaling started or just need to go to Amazon click the pictures or the text down below.

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