Being A Vessel For God

I often go back to Elizabeth Gilbert’s first Ted talk where she urges the audience to change their perspective on the connotation of genius. I remember my Pastor reflected on the Ted talk and said that Elizabeth Gilbert was talking about God. In my opinion, she was talking about more than just God. Elizabeth Gilbert talked about our relationship with God. Specifically, being a vessel for God.

I use to look at being a vessel for God in a negative light. I didn’t like the terms USE and VESSEL because it sounded empty and void of life. Once I began my Bible Study, The Armor of God, and my perspective changed.

After doing my Bible study, I thought about my purpose in the world. It was a pretty random thought process (which I have pretty often). I thought about how sad it would be to be placed on this earth to do one thing… or even worse, one small thing was your purpose. I also thought about how we do not even know our purpose until it is time for us to fulfill it…then it is over. I went back to Elizabeth’s Ted Talk. There was one part in particular where she talks about the dancer dancing the one dance and possibly not dancing the same dance again. The phrase that kept popping up in my head was “IT isn’t about you”. That is when I understood it.

It really isn’t about me. The focus not being on me should be liberating. I only have to be a vessel for God. God isn’t like a business that expects me to do the same thing over and over. God IS crafting me, day by day, for his purpose. I don’t have to carry the weight of the responsibility. I don’t need to know my purpose until God is ready to reveal it to me.

I use to be jealous of my best friend because I would compare myself to her. We both have always wanted to know what God wants us to do in life. She is with a ministry and has it defined. I, on the other hand, am still dabbling in my loves, the only thing I am trying to ground myself in is Christianity. But now that I know What I know now I can focus on what is more important.

I use to be so wrapped up in trying to figure out what my purpose was that I was suicidal. I was at University and I didn’t know what to do. On top of that, I see others who have these well-thought-out plans and doing things with their lives. Now that I know I don’t have to know what my purpose is and I do not need to compare myself to others…I can put more focus on me and My relationship with God.

Today, if you struggled with something similar I encourage you to stop wondering what your purpose is. Again, it is not for you to know at this time. Instead, focus on building up a relationship with God. I highly recommend reading the Armor of God. It helped me put some things in perspective and I am sure you will enjoy it. The link is down below along with some other great titles!

The Armor of God

The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art


Scaling Back




Christianity and Self Awareness

The reason I am writing this post is to share what I have learned as a Christian  and shine light on Christianity as a whole.  While reading the Armor of God and watching Youtube videos on different religions I was inspired to share my experience with Christianity.

Being a Christian inspires internal honesty
Internal honesty comes from looking at the root of past events that affect us daily and sin. God inspires us to question ourselves on why we act the way that we do. Are we still living in the past? Why do we do something that we know has a negative outcome? In order to change, we must have those moments to look internally. Through God’s grace, we have the opportunity to learn. Through repentance, we grow. God challenges us to take off the rose-tinted glasses and deal with the truth.

Christianity promotes peace
God is a God of Love and Peace. We, as Christians, are striving towards peace. Peace is the result of Christians following the guidelines and understanding why the guidelines are in place. God’s wisdom and knowing the truth brings peace.

God doesn’t want you to have guilt or shame, that’s why Jesus died on the cross
It is hard to forgive ourselves or to ask for forgiveness after we’ve done something wrong. Jesus died on the cross so that we won’t be separated from God because of guilt. This does not mean that sinning is okay. This is an opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes. The biggest part is forgiving ourselves for what we have done. The Bible encourages us to learn and move on, not to dwell on the past.

No More Guilt or Shame

Christianity promotes healing and moving forward in life
Hurt and pain can turn into bitterness. In my Christian experience, I had to deal with the feelings and thoughts that I carried for many years. Those thoughts and feelings dictated my life. I wasn’t in control. I had to be honest with myself and God about why I was hurting. Hurt can lead to sin and sin can lead to hurting others. Talking to God was my therapy, it allowed me to let go of the baggage. Subconsciously living in the past is self-sabotage, it kept me from being the best that I can be.

Living Authentically.
There isn’t a need to be perfect. Accept yourself and improve on what you can.

It isn’t about us (The Bigger Picture)
It is nice to know that there something beyond me, beyond this life…something greater.

Nothing is new under the sun
In the Western World, we think linear meanwhile, in other places they adopt a parallel way of thinking. Instead of using linear thinking, look at history to help make a better decision for the future. Someone else might have gone through a similar situation and we can use that experience to help formulate the next step.

Ecclesiastes 1:6

Everything is Temporary
When we see the world and life as temporary our problems become much smaller.

Everything is meaningless
I’ll use money as an example. We are bound to a piece of paper….not even that…a number that has no real value. Money, itself, isn’t worth anything. It is a tool.  We are tied to this tool that we revolve our lives around it. We spend money to go to college to make more money. We get up for money, we live for money and we continue to do a lot of our daily activities because of a number that does not have actual value. Money is just a tool and nothing more.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 NIV

There is much more to Christianity than being a model citizen or doing the right thing. It is about the mindset and the internal changes you have to do to get the right thing.

I hope that this post helped you gain some insight on Christianity. Let me know your thoughts below!

Here are some books to check out:

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The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art

” />
Restless: Because You Were Made for More

” />
The Armor of God

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Money issue

How are you going to make money?  You are going to be poor/homeless. This is what I get a lot of times from various people. By now many of you know that I want to go into ministry.  Ministry seems like something not worth spending your time and money on in this day and age. As far as being an almost 20 year old (I know I’m young (19)) who has had huge dreams about living this amazing life and having lots of money. One thing we all must know that it is not about the money. It never was. Yes money is a tool but we don’t need it. People live off the land or off things we don’t consider of value. We throw away food. Water we can get from many different places. Shelter is probably the only thing that would be hard to find but we can find shelter some how. We are humans. We have creativity. Even the most left brained person has creativity. We have to have this in order to survive and thrive. Anyway this dilema of me being in ministry and not having money does make me anxious and so I start to plan on ways to sell my ministry. Ministry is something that can’t be sold. We should just do the greater good and not respect anything in return.  Recently I watched a video ( on christian ministry pornography. It was something that opened up my eyes a little bit more. Jon Acuff says that “we can be so focused on the dream and not the journey” (this quote has been summarized I highly encourage you to watch this video).  This something else I have been hearing a lot but from different places like the yoga class that I am taking right now.

Again, I’ve had big dreams. Had. I start to plan and then when I plan out my dreams (like when I was in international business I had a plan to go to the peacecorps afterwards) I would always say what is next or this is boring because I don’t have anything else to do. I look at what age I would be and then say well my life is short.  Well since life is short and I am about to spend my 20s in bible college or seminary that means I must enjoy somethings in life today.


Enjoying today, this moment and practicing mindfulness has been a problem for me but I find that in the state of the present that is when we do more. We are more creative and we are elevated in power and spirituality. People use weed to get there or maybe other drugs that’ll slow you down. Some people will use other forms that will get them to that point of living in the present through something that comes instanteously.  We must go slower in order to have a better product or outcome. We must have an intimate experience or relationship with what we are doing. Everything is an art whether it is good or bad it is an art. What I mean by art is something that is crafted so well that it is also aesthetic. My version of art can go as far as an divine experience or an experience that seems divine( meaning it didn’t come from God).  We can live life as an art form and have those moments when living in the present by thanking God. You become more thankful. That bird that you find annoying in the morning can be the absolute most dreamlike song you have ever heard. The clouds in the sky, just looking at them and their majesticness can become a surreal experience.


One simple experience that I have learned from yoga is paying attention to your breath. It is something very fascinating. You can feel your body fill up with air as you inhale and then squeeze the air out. It is very relaxing when your body does it natural. The exhale is a release. Not only is it a release of all the air that’ll build up in your body but it is a release of toxins as well.

What does this have to do with money? Living has no value. People who are homeless live, people who are in Africa live. Living is something that can be done with having a relationship and appreciating that certain person (not just romantic relationships) prescence. Taking the time out to acknowledge who you are helping or caring for (which was something else mentioned in the video).   It does not take multi millions of dollars to live and it does not take some daredevil ab-sailing or stuff like that.

Another Video that you probably watched: