Plans for my scripts (Screen journies Update)

It feels like I have slowed down after months of working on The Chronicles of Phoenix but between trying to do other projects and life I haven’t felt like working on it.  I have read some other blogs and also just reading so that I can become a better writer.  So I take micro-breaks for a couple of days (lol weeks) and pace myself.  My plans for the script are to eventually turn into a small budget project. After talking to a friend of mine who finished up his pilot, I was inspired to take the approach of doing a small project but, I do not plan on doing this for a while.


How To Write a Story: Introduction

There are a lot of stories, and a lot of mediocrity, but there is a story that hasn’t been told. You have an idea for the perfect story, but you don’t know how to share it with the world. I was in the same position, but through my years of writing, I have learned some valuable lessons that I would like to share.

I’ve written many stories and explored many different mediums to express myself. These mediums include: storyboarding, book writing and now screenwriting. With this blog series will be a step by step guide on how to write a story. Most of the information that I will be presenting comes from experience. These pointers have helped me, now let me help you. You have the ideas, and I have the plan to make those ideas come to life.

The first step to writing a story is knowing what you want to write about. Think of something that you would like to see in a book or movie. These ideas can include building a world, character or scenario that you want to explore. The idea is the foundation for your story. The idea is the focus of your story and it will help you stay organized.


Here are some tools I highly recommend you getting so that you can start your journey to writing a story.

Here is a notebook for when you write down your ideas and begin to outline.
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A couple of pens to help you write down your ideas
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” title=”rant” />
Most of these new movies are very upsetting. They are nothing but the same storylines or slow-motion action scenes that no one wants to see anymore. It is almost as if no one has the willpower to think outside the box.

I am sick of these manufactured messes with no striving for innovation. Nowadays it’s just pretty much cheap tricks.

I understand that people have bills to pay and mouths to feed but they have made their money and now it’s time to go ahead and take the risk.

Stop with the reboots and tired superhero movies with heroines that are too skinny and do something extraordinary.

On the other hand, movies such as The Shape of Water and Moonlight give me hope for some innovation.

Top 10 of my Favorite Films

10 of my Favorite Films that span from anime, foreign film and classics

For this list, I do not have a particular ranking.

Spirited Away


” title=”No Face Feasting” />

When I heard about Spirited Away I was in Barnes and Noble. The store was showing a trailer for the film and I was mesmerized; the intricate design of the setting and just the overall feel of the film made me feel like I was in a dream. After my first viewing of Spirited Away my life had changed. I was on the search for the bathhouse. In my neighborhood, there was a road that was similar to the one in Spirited Away; I decided that I was going to follow that road and see where it lead me.  The road did not lead me to the bathhouse but it did lead to a really nice thrift store and an overpriced donut shop.

Kill Bill


” title=”O-Ren” />

Out of all the Tarantino movies, Kill Bill is my favorite. Kill Bill resonated with me more than Pulp Fiction or Jackie Brown.  For me, it was the heavy Japanese influence.  There was anime, the setting is in Japan and the characters are inspired by Japanese cult classics such as Lady Snowblood. What makes this movie one of my favorites is O-Ren Ishii and Gogo Yubari. I would love to see a movie about O-Ren Ishii and Gogo Yubari. There are also other fantastic elements and characters but the anime sequence was what made the movie stand out.  As I watched, the anime sequence I hoped that Tarantino would do an anime series.

Notes: The anime seems very similar to Blood-C and I also heard that the director of Cowboy Bebop was involved……



” title=”Kaneda and His bike” />

Akira is a visual feast for the eyes. Akira is art, even the Supreme Collab with the cells from the manga. The picture of Kaneda in the red pills jacket walking up to the motorcycle is a mere example of how iconic Akira is. That picture made me want to get the jacket and motorcycle. After I watched the movie I realized it is everything that makes anime great.  The art, the music, and everything combined was amazing. Even though the movie is epic there was a lot of elements missing. I read the manga and was blown away by what was left out. Also, I searched for more movies by Katsuhiro Otomo and found some gems. Overall,  Akira is more than just one of the great anime. I believe that Akira embodies anime as art. Akira is an example of what anime has the ability to do.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


” title=”The Transformation” />

This movie had one of the most intense trailers.  What captured me the most was a scene where Kida turned into a crystal and spoke to Milo in her native tongue that was beautiful and well-filmed scene. The scene had a great impact on me: I had dreams about that crystal scene and I tried to replicate it in my script.

Ghost in The Shell


” title=”Major” />

Ghost in The Shell is another great anime film. With its intellectually engaging dialogue and very cool action choreography, it showcases the possibilities of anime. Every detail in the film has its purpose from the music to the setting there is a running theme of merging and rebirth.

Helter Skelter


” title=”Lilico” />

In Helter Skelter, Mika Ninagawa captures the beauty and essence of Erika Sawajiri and Kiko Mizuhara.  The entire film is visually pleasing but the part of the film that took my breath away was the opening.

Virgin: When Virginity is Questioned


Virgin is a nostalgic film. It encapsulates everything about the millennium. The clothes and the music remind me of when I was younger and could not wait to be a teenager.

Titan A.E.


Titan A.E. is an obscure yet well-done film.  It is a high octane space adventure that has a great soundtrack and unforgettable characters. There are so many good things that are great about this movie that it makes you question why it never was popular.

The Prince of Egypt


” title=”Moses” />

The Prince of Egypt is a great movie and I am surprised that not a lot of people talk about it. It is a movie that raised the bar on animation. It was unique and no one has done anything like it before or afterward.

The Color Purple


” title=”Sophia” />

I had read the book and watched the movie.  I hold the movie and the book in really high regards because I resonate with the characters Alice Walker was inspired by one of my favorite Anthropologist, Zora Neale Hurston, to write the book and it has black women owning businesses and traveling.

Special Mentions:

-Kirikou (all three movies)

-Vampire Hunter D

-Purab Aur Paschim

-36 Chinatown

-Lawerence of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago


-Anything Alfred Hitchcock

-James Bond movies

-The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Wall-e (Disney Trilogy…the great of the great)

-The Nun Story

-Satoshi Kon Movies

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