Am I ready?

I would always get excited and anxious for something cool to happen. A huge life changing event. Something where I am actually recognized or I finally master what ever gift or talent I needed to master and then voila my life will change. The question is would I be ready. Am I too young to…

Feeling Stale

Before mid ending 2014  I was an emotional wreck like I was mad, sad and in rage. Now I went from depressed or in rage to just numb. I went from not okay to feeling bored and just like I don’t want to do anything. I feel numbed out for a really emotional human being….

God Sees the Heart…..and The Soul

As a Christian who is trying to get this whole discipleship thing right I would always be so harsh to myself and maybe even box myself in a little. I do not give myself freedom and space or try and get to know myself and be like “hey I’m sorry if I hurt you and…

Reflections of the Morning.

      This picture speaks to me because it is Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia. It is made of salt. All of the salt has made something very beautiful and has to work together.      Today while attending church (not chapel a different church) I was listening to the pastor and while hear…

Money issue

How are you going to make money?  You are going to be poor/homeless. This is what I get a lot of times from various people. By now many of you know that I want to go into ministry.  Ministry seems like something not worth spending your time and money on in this day and age….