Pick One Thing and Stick To IT

Someone once said that it is wise to become a Master at one thing. That is hard for me because I love all things art and I dabble in all things art. It’s hard to settle down. Even in Film related areas, I can’t just pick one thing. Before I decide to settle down I would like to try one more thing: making my own film. I have been trying to buy a camera for the last couple of years. I even choose my computer because I wanted to film. Life, bills and more situations seem to get in the way of my goal.

When I finally get my camera, I would like to do some short film projects along with experimental videos. I want to play around with the aesthetics of filming and make something beautiful. It is another way for me to explore the ideas inside my head.

For me, my perfect medium is a way to effectively explore my ideas. I want the product to be something I am in Love with.

The one thing about my love of art is that it is so expensive. I have always been an extremely creative person but coming from a one-parent household and living pretty nomadically makes things hard. Hopefully one day I can find my medium and stick to it.

Let me know your thoughts and what medium works for you!

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My reason to Travel

Travel is more than just going to visit a place. It is a chance to gain clarity. Our World is fabricated so much that we need to go to another one to discover who we are. This journey to gain more clarity on me and what makes me is something that I have wanted to do but never had the chance too.

I have felt the need to get away from societal and political pressures. These pressures cripple me as a young black female who is simply trying to find her way in life. I need to let go of the weight of the roles I have played throughout life and re-evaluate my positions in life.

Travel takes away the roles and obligations and helps travelers gain a new perspective. Through seeing new cultures or through self-examination, travel can change your life. Even though travel will not solve all of the answers, there will be fewer questions to ask after the experience.

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Lamenting in Black Tears (A dream that I had)

It is morning and everyone is parting ways. My sister goes to school. My mother goes to work. I stay in my room and watch everyone else from my tower. I drew back the curtains only letting in a little bit of the light in  and a little girl, one of my sister’s friends saw me. She smiled at me. Her parents, who were right next to her, came and rang the doorbell. I wish they leave but they greeted me with a smile through the glass door. I went downstairs and answered the door.  The girl was very happy to see me. She wore a pink ballerina outfit and a tiara because it was her birthday. As I opened the door she handed me the card which I assumed to give to my sister. Her smile was infectious and pierced into the deep dark depths of my soul that has been tortured for years.  I took the card and shut the door not wanting anyone to see me.


The next morning was the morning of the girl’s party.  I decided to do something special for the occasion. I drew back the curtains letting light come in. I wore my black cape with feathers on it. Inside the cape was blue and green stripes. I felt vulnerable and pained. Everything was coming to light.


That evening I heard a noise outside of a little girl crying. It was the girl with the smile wearing that pink outfit. She had something brown on her foot. She was laying down crying out for help for a couple of minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore so I rushed her off to the hospital.


It began to rain, as it rained outside tears began streaming down the little girl’s face in sadness.  The little girl looked deeply into the tv screen. As she looked into the screen I looked at her and began to have an aching heart, lamenting her pain.