ART DILEMMA: Challenging Myself, Doing Something other than Faces

As I draw the hair for my newest creative project, I ask myself, am I challenging myself?
I draw faces most of the time,
Should I do something different?
should I try and draw an entire scene or buildings (which are hard for me)
Am I putting enough detail in my art?

Is it aesthetically pleasing enough?
What about the intention behind the art, is the artist suppose to have a particular purpose.

All of these questions inhibit the artistic process and keeps me from finishing, maybe even keeps me from being true to myself, being authentic.

Let me know what you think or if you have ran into similar thoughts and what is your solution


I made another video!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

I made another video but this time it’s a tutorial on drawing a face. If you or someone you know is starting a new hobby such as drawing or painting this is the video for you. I will go over the basics of how to draw a face so that you can start with your portraits or character design.

How To Draw a Realistic Eye

Do you want to learn how to draw a realistic eye? Here is a video for you. Make your drawings stand out with this step by step instructional video on how to draw an eye. Enjoy and come back for more! 🙂



How To Stop Being a Perfectionist ( and 5 Reasons why you should stop)

I am a perfectionist. It is hard for me to finish projects because they can always be better. Being a perfectionist also contributes to my inconsistency and procrastination. I put so much pressure on myself to do something great or just be the best. An example that I struggle with is reading the Bible and praying. I don’t stay consistent because I always pressure myself to read every day or I condemn myself a bad Christian. It does feel good the days when I do read the bible and I pray. It feels like a weight off of my shoulder but the hard part is reaching my own expectations for me.  I am always trying to be this perfect version of myself at the expense of myself. I’ve noticed that being a perfectionist has inhibited me to have peace within my mind and with myself. I don’t feel free. I am critical of everything and I hold myself back. I wait to have all of my ducks in a row until I can do something that I want to do.  So what is the point of being a perfectionist?

It isn’t healthy and there aren’t results. It affects hobbies and things that I would want to progress in. There isn’t a need for it anymore. If you are anything like me you may have these symptoms as well from being a perfectionist.

Here are some reasons why perfectionism isn’t healthy:

  1. Not Authentic (meaning no peace)
  2. Inconsistent because you put too much pressure on yourself
  3. Procrastination/Never completing tasks
  4. You hold yourself back because you wait for all your ducks to be in a row
  5. You’ll never be at your best


Again, there isn’t any worth to keep picking at yourself and plus it is not your place to judge anyone including yourself.


-Stop condemning yourself

-Learn to let go of the control and give it to a higher power

-Accept yourself and know that it will all work in your favor


Once we take these steps and learn how to be free life will be so much better. 🙂









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Amy’s Eye (Oil Pastel ART)

Amy’s Eye was a picture that I drew for someone special. This person helped me throughout high school by providing a safe space and being someone to talk too. To thank her for her kindness I made a drawing for her.  One of the things she requested to be in the picture was an eye. She really liked the way I drew eyes.  The eye is the focal point of this piece to honor her wish. For the background, I made stones and scales using gray, blues and teals.  I chose these colors to symbolize serenity and water. My happy place is in the water whether it’s bathing or swimming I just really like being in the water. Her home was a very calming place for me too. Another focal point of this pic is the tentacles that are coming out of the eye. I chose to draw in tentacles to connect the eye to the background.


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Why I want to be a director

It all began when I was little,

I remember seeing the vastness of Egypt and all of its splendor through the Prince of Egypt. That was my introduction to the world of cinema. I was mesmerized by the world created on the big screen and wanted to make one of my own.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away was the movie that propelled me to go after my dreams. After learning about how he made a film and was involved in all the details, I knew I wanted to be a director.

I have been preparing all my life for the opportunity to make my own film.  Throughout my years of schooling, I have practiced writing and drawing. I made comic books because it was the closest thing to making a movie that I could get to. It helped me learn about crafting a story and storyboarding. I have made my own music and delved deep into music production to understand what makes a great soundtrack.

I have learned how to edit, I’ve been in plays and many other things that deal with film. So why not me.

I do not want to be a Director or filmmaker for money.  I want to do it as an art.

Film is a way for me to combine everything I love. Everything that is a part of who I am and give birth to my inner universe. I must create and keep creating.  If I don’t create then I cannot be free. It is agonizing holding on to ideas and entire worlds.

I may not make my worlds come alive today or even in the next couple of years but knowing that I strived to make this dream into a reality is all that I need.

That is why I want to be a director.





Rose and The Creme Sky

The Rose

Roses are my favorite flowers to create with oil pastels.  It showcases how well you can blend oil pastels together. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece especially the flower. Normally flowers are more intricately detailed but roses are not. Roses are abstract and complex. There are not as many lines in this piece and that is something that I like. Color provides the details.  This picture is the epitome of why I use oil pastels.

The Creme Sky

I really like the colors of the background. They give off the feelings of spring.  Spring is my favorite season; the soft colors to showcase what I like most about spring, The orange is for the temperature and pink is for the colors of the season.


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