My reason to Travel

Travel is more than just going to visit a place. It is a chance to gain clarity. Our World is fabricated so much that we need to go to another one to discover who we are. This journey to gain more clarity on me and what makes me is something that I have wanted to do but never had the chance too.

I have felt the need to get away from societal and political pressures. These pressures cripple me as a young black female who is simply trying to find her way in life. I need to let go of the weight of the roles I have played throughout life and re-evaluate my positions in life.

Travel takes away the roles and obligations and helps travelers gain a new perspective. Through seeing new cultures or through self-examination, travel can change your life. Even though travel will not solve all of the answers, there will be fewer questions to ask after the experience.

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Trying to set up a schedule and fighting against myself

When I was young I rebelled against schedules. Thoughts and feelings were a guide for me. If I felt right about something then it was the right thing to do and if I felt bad about something then that something was wrong. I ran into a lot of grey areas. This year I am undoing my thought process along with many other bad habits. I am on the road to healing and trying to better myself. One of the ways I want to attack this process is on my blog. I use to have a routine where I would write my posts at the beginning of the week and edit throughout the week, but I would procrastinate because of outside stressors. I would tell myself “I don’t feel like doing” whatever the task was and I don’t do it. The main goal for me with my blog is to not let my routine break because of outside stressors. I want to see where my blog goes. So that is the challenge for me and you. Don’t let outside forces inhibit success.

Not Doing What I want

This year I decided that I was going to take me seriously. I began to blog and do my other projects but ever since I have been writing and focusing on projects I forgot an important component, love. What do I love to write about, what do I love to do. Me.

I had been researching about a Niche that I would like to write about and doing SEO research. I’ve dabbled in a lot of things which was fun but what about tending to what I love.

I searched for my solution by pausing and looking at the bigger picture. What can wait and what can change.

Since I want to make yet another change for my script I decided that writing a script can wait…or at least I can spend less time writing it. I want to finish it and I am going to finish it but right now it is time for me to focus on me.

Many things, stressors have been happening and I use being busy as an escape. My escape can only last for so long. So now I am going to take care or me.

The Anxiety Challenge:

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I need your help!

I don’t know what time to post my blog. Like legit. I know that I may have seemed inconsistent…but that isn’t really the case. Between getting back into the groove of blogging and trying to find out which time works out for you I am just very lost.

So I looked at my insight and it said that 12a.m. is the best time to post. So I have been posting at 11:59 p.m. but I have noticed that a lot of my regulars stopped showing up. That is okay but I am just wondering what I should do. So I need your help. Post in the comment section what time you would like me to post. Don’t forget to include your time-zone. I want you and I to work on bettering ourselves together. When I make it, you make it. What I learn, you learn. 🙂

Plans for my scripts (Screen journies Update)

It feels like I have slowed down after months of working on The Chronicles of Phoenix but between trying to do other projects and life I haven’t felt like working on it.  I have read some other blogs and also just reading so that I can become a better writer.  So I take micro-breaks for a couple of days (lol weeks) and pace myself.  My plans for the script are to eventually turn into a small budget project. After talking to a friend of mine who finished up his pilot, I was inspired to take the approach of doing a small project but, I do not plan on doing this for a while.