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21 Day Anxiety Challenge


Reasons why Art has to have Purpose

As an artist, I dabble in many mediums of art (I.e. Drawing, Oil Pastels, Writing and Photography) and while I create artwork I am learning new things. I am a Kinesthetic learner so, learning through the process is natural.  Through the process of evolving, I have learned that there needs to be a purpose for the art. The Purpose is the foundation. It helps with the creative process. The purpose prompts the artist to restlessly push and mold the creation into the way that fits within the idea.  It makes the creator think differently and learn because what they are creating is new. The act of creating is bringing an idea from one dimension to another.

After it’s here, you tell the story.

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15 Ways You Could Probably Simplify Your Life

This is a interesting read. Check it out.

MadameNoire driving in vintage car

Don’t you just have some days when simply living life feels like such a hassle? We all have those moments when we just want to crawl back into bed and hit the reset button. Life is complicated these days. Older generations can attest to it—my 95-year-old grandpa often makes jokes about how he’s glad he has nurses to handle everything because even the simplest tasks are harder than they used to be. We’re expected to do more, go more places, make more, have more and just be more than any previous generation. Everyone isn’t just a person—they’re a brand! Nobody can just have a hobby anymore—they’re pressured to find a way to monetize it. There are a several hundred selections when it simply comes to choosing a chapstick. I want to get back in bed just writing this. Who doesn’t want more ways to streamline…

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The Chronicles of Phoenix (Aspiring Film in The making)


The Chronicles of Phoenix is the title of the script that I am working on. I’ve been working on this story for 7 years and I never had the time to immerse myself in my work until now.  Throughout the years, the story changed drastically some things thrown out and new things put in. The story is inspired by dreams.

I thought that my dreams would be awesome in a film and the story became a string of dreams. After a while,  The Chronicles of Phoenix was more than that. As someone who loves storytelling and it’s the art form,  other storytellers have inspired me to put meaning into my story which meant that the scenes that did not help the story had to go.

Some of the ideas that I had to let go of:

-My main character becoming a superhero

-A hallucination that was ultimately a prophecy about the main character’s spouse

-The ending as a positive “the hero saves the world” ending.

 “Kill your Darlings”-Stephen King

Stephen King’s Tips

Black Girl Magic on Youtube Part1


I just wanted to share some inspiring people with you 🙂

SoulBeauty Chat


Fatima (basically my twin now because my name is Fatima) is a Christian based vlogger and I love her content. She is also a coach and has a 30-day prayer journaling challenge which I highly recommend (I am doing that right now). Go check her out.

Patrice Washington (America’s Money Maven)

Patrice Washington has been on Steve Harvey’s show and gave us tips on how to be in control of our finances now, with her podcast, she is actually redefining wealth. All of her podcasts have been life changing so if you are ready for some thought-provoking conversation look no further.


Joulezy is a social commentator that is extremely entertaining and engaging. I have found some cool books through her channel and she also has very educational content. Another very thought-provoking content creator.


Glamfun inspires me to do better for me. She is very energetic and fun. Through her trying out different workouts, diets and hair regiments you will find something in their for you.


An Old Post

What is next? That is the question that continually pops up in my brain begging me to give it an answer quick and straight to the point. The bad part is that nothing that deals with me is quick and straight to the point. I have to really think, I go back and I change my mind all the time or I am stuck in the dark abyss called I don’t know. If I don’t know, that means I really don’t have a clue.


I think this may be because of my mental health.  I’ll admit I am anxious, depressed and seem moody. It all gets me down and I need that question “what is next?” answered in order to keep me going. It is an insatiable hunger to search for who I am that drives me (in sometimes drives me nuts).  This may be the most unhealthiest thing ever.

So what is next? Well then you have the phase in life that seems to repeat itself and that is depression ( Again, I wrote something on this but haven’t put it up yet. Will put up later). I go through this phase in life where it is very dark. I don’t want to go anywhere and don’t want to do anything. I never want to think about the future or what could possibly happen. All I want to do is shut everything off and be absorbed in a different reality. I find myself getting different types of “highs” such as a writing high or a music high.  The great thing about this stage is how the brain is slowing down and allowing me to experience such “highs” that take me away from the world.


So what is next? I begin to realize that my deep dark moments keep popping up so now I gotta do something about that. I don’t want to continue living life like this anymore. I hate it. It disgusts me.  I feel worthless and then to make matters worse you have people who say well this would’ve happened if you only took your medication. Then I have to try and figure out if this means I am nothing but an empty robot without medication or not. Am I able to just live?


I ask myself so many questions like what to do first? Should I try and go back to a regular college and study anthropology or go to bible college? Should I stay at a place where I don’t want to be because God may be teaching me a lesson? What does God want me to do? Is God telling me to go to Bible College or not?


In the end, I feel lost. No answers. Afraid. Scared of everything, Over-analyzing what people say (btw I am very analytical and creative….really interesting combo).



Update: I’ve actually learned that I need to enjoy the now rather than focus on what’s next all of the time. Even though I know what to do now I still struggle with my thoughts at times.

Finn (From StarWars)

I am a Star Wars fan. I am not a fan of the recent installments but there is one character that really confuses me: Finn.

I am wondering what happened in the writing department. His character had a good background story and from the trailer, he looked like he was going to become the next Jedi. After watching The Force Awakens his character changes from being the main focus of a supporting character.  Not only does John Boyega’s character take a backseat but there was a budding romance between Finn and Rei.

In the Next film, there is a budding romance between Rei and Finn does not get anywhere and also he gets kissed by another woman.  Finn does win while fighting the head stormtrooper but that is all we get for development.  

On a random note: Rei can’t be in a relationship because that breaks Jedi code but then again they did burn all of the books down destroying as well as an established universe so who cares anymore.

Back on Topic: I would have expected much more out of Finn’s character especially since he was the FIRST character introduced in this entire Disney Franchise.