My reason to Travel

Travel is more than just going to visit a place. It is a chance to gain clarity. Our World is fabricated so much that we need to go to another one to discover who we are. This journey to gain more clarity on me and what makes me is something that I have wanted to do but never had the chance too.

I have felt the need to get away from societal and political pressures. These pressures cripple me as a young black female who is simply trying to find her way in life. I need to let go of the weight of the roles I have played throughout life and re-evaluate my positions in life.

Travel takes away the roles and obligations and helps travelers gain a new perspective. Through seeing new cultures or through self-examination, travel can change your life. Even though travel will not solve all of the answers, there will be fewer questions to ask after the experience.

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How To Write a Story: Introduction

There are a lot of stories, and a lot of mediocrity, but there is a story that hasn‚Äôt been told. You have an idea for the perfect story, but you don’t know how to share it with the world. I was in the same position, but through my years of writing, I have learned some valuable lessons that I would like to share.

I’ve written many stories and explored many different mediums to express myself. These mediums include: storyboarding, book writing and now screenwriting. With this blog series will be a step by step guide on how to write a story. Most of the information that I will be presenting comes from experience. These pointers have helped me, now let me help you. You have the ideas, and I have the plan to make those ideas come to life.

The first step to writing a story is knowing what you want to write about. Think of something that you would like to see in a book or movie. These ideas can include building a world, character or scenario that you want to explore. The idea is the foundation for your story. The idea is the focus of your story and it will help you stay organized.


Here are some tools I highly recommend you getting so that you can start your journey to writing a story.

Here is a notebook for when you write down your ideas and begin to outline.
” />
Minimalism Art | Classic Notebook Journal, Size: 5″ X 8.3″, A5, Yellow, Dotted Grid Page, 192 Pages, Hard Cover/Fine PU Leather, Inner Pocket, Quality Paper – 100gsm | Designed in San Francisco

A couple of pens to help you write down your ideas
” />
BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ball Pen, Medium Point (1.0mm), Black, 36-Count

…and here is a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to help you with your shopping:)


Let me know your thoughts on the new blog series… ūüôā

Top 6 Destinations That have inspired me


This is a list of places that I have visited throughout my life whether I was a flight attendant or in Highschool. Each place is very special to me and gives me inspiration. I would like to go back to most of these places one day. I encourage you to check out some of these places. They aren’t very talked about and are extremely awesome so if you ever get the chance then definitely go a visit these areas.




Australia is the place that has been a big inspiration in my life. My dream is to go back. I went to Australia when I was 16 and that changed my life. I can’t see myself not traveling after the experience.
For a long time, I wanted to go back, and I have tried many times. This year I plan on getting my Working Holiday Visa.

The reason why I love this destination so much is the culture and the untouched beauty of the land.  Australia is a very aesthetically pleasing and overall a great place to draw inspiration for creating a new world.  It is a very vibrant place.


Leon, Mexico


I would consider Leon one of Mexico’s best destinations. It’s untouched by tourism. It isn’t a beach town, but it’s just a beautiful city. As a Flight Attendant, I was blessed to have an overnight here. Leon is a very artistic place, there is art everywhere especially in the city center. The landscape is beautiful too. I wish that I could go back someday. The most interesting thing about Leon is the number of Japanese people that go there.

Leon has a very interesting architecture such as a hulk nightclub and the museums. It is a modern oasis surrounded by a hilly landscape.


Queretero, Mexico


This area is another hidden gem in Mexico. It is so beautiful that I have had dreams about the city. It is a mountainous area with a lively city square. Surrounding the city square are well-preserved buildings and cathedrals. Although the city prides itself on its history, there are some unexpected surprises like a bubble tea cafe and creperie. If you do go, I highly recommend the Chocolate Factory in the City Square.


Durango, Colorado


When landing at this destination you are instantly taken to a different world. Durango is very surreal. I highly recommend this area for relaxation or a romantic vacation. This destination is very picturesque, almost as if was untouched by man.


St. Hermann, Missouri


This town in Missouri is a like a Norman Rockwell painting. There’s a very well preserved cathedral, small houses, and shops lined across cobblestone streets. Unfortunately, there isn’t a hotel or Airbnb, on the other hand, there are some Inns.

Tempe, Arizona

I like Tempe more than Phoenix. It is a lively and picturesque city. My favorite place in Tempe is the Lake, it is so relaxing to look at and the walkway is romantic with the lights stringing from one side of the street to another.

Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope and Inspiration to Heal

Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope album is one of my favorite albums. It played a big role in my childhood because my mother loves Janet Jackson and we had a copy of the HBO special plus the CD. Both the HBO special and the CD helped me with cultivating my soundscape and visual artistry. The Velvet Rope was sonically ahead of its time and the performances received many accolades but, the most important part of the album is the creative process that Janet went through. This was how Janet freed herself. Through recording this album, Janet was healing from her past.

This album was pivotal to the black community. It inspired many conversations such as domestic violence, STIs, sexual identity and being creatively free. As a young black woman who is very creative, I cherish this album. I want to heal and put myself in my art because of this album. The story behind this album teaches us to work on ourselves rather than try and be someone else, to heal and not care what people think.

Janet didn’t allow herself to be caged as a black sex icon and feeding the stereotype of black women being sexual objects. Through this album, she showed the humanity of black people and what we go through, specifically black women. Like she said, we are invited behind the velvet rope.

Janet also showed us that we didn’t need to be the best or perfect to¬†get something accomplished. Janet is not the best singer but she utilized what she had and it was amazing.

In her HBO special she created an entire universe on stage. The costumes and set designs instantly transported you to another world. She didn’t let anyone stop her from giving birth to something unique.

Through creating something that was authentic she cemented herself as a legend. She was just being herself and standing in her truth.

After thinking in depth about her journey, I am reminded about¬†“seek first the kingdom of God and then all things will be added unto you”.¬† What that means to me is,¬†when we focus on our spiritual health and stop trying to live up to standards of the world or even to ourselves then and only then we will be free and realize the power is within us. No wonder God wants us to turn away from the world.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic and if you heard The Velvet Rope album. I also encourage you to watch the HBO special for the concert.

I may do a stream of the HBO special but you will need to check my Patreon for more details.

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Self-Care and Love (Beyond Pampering)


” title=”Self-Love” />
Everyone wants to make videos and speak on self-care but what is it and what does it look like. Self- Care is more than just bubble baths, faces masks and detox water. Although self-care can include that, it is much more.

Self Care is making sure you are groomed even when you don’t want to shower. Cleanliness will make you feel better and you may even get a jolt of energy.

Self Care is taking time to reflect on what you did each day.¬† We don’t think¬†about what we did during the day, what was accomplished or how we felt throughout the day. We don’t question why we’ve felt what we felt. I was guilty of journaling and not being conscious while I write. After I would journal, I¬†still felt the same way I¬†did before I journaled, but now that I reflect I feel much calmer. I also gain clarity and insight.

Self-Care is doing what is best for you. Sometimes, doing what is best for you is something that you may not want to do. You may have to read when you don’t want or to or break up with someone that you love.

Self-Care is knowing who you are. You have to realize that you are a better person than you think you are. Depression can make you feel like you aren’t resilient or a horrible person but that isn’t true. Don’t degrade yourself just forgive yourself and work on your issues. It is something that is hard and we tend to condemn¬†ourselves but there isn’t any reason why you need to put yourself in hell. Let God be the judge and stop judging.

Self-Care is celebrating. Sometimes we don’t realize that we got a lot¬†done in one day.¬† It is okay to pat yourself on the back because you deserve it.

Self-Care is not pressuring yourself. Be kind to you. Love yourself and be patient.  You are not supposed to be another person or a copy.

Self- Care is healing. Free yourself and live authenticly.

Self-Care products that I highly recommend:

” />
Kao MEGURISM Health Care Steam Warm Eye Mask,Made in Japan, Lavender Sage 14 Sheets

I like using the lavendar steam eye masks for the bags under my eyes or when I need to be still and calm down. The warm up very quickly and feel very soothing.

” />
Aura Cacia – Discover Essential Oils Kit (Packaging May Vary) | .25oz each of Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Aura Cacia is a brand of essential oils that I have used. I use these with their infuser but you can use any type of infuser with these or however else you want to use these. My favorite scents are Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Bergamont.

” />
Earl Grey Creme Black Tea by Teavana
This is my favorite tea. It is very soothing to drink and great with milk and honey. It will pair well with a Bergamot essential oil and bubble bath.

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How To Stop Being a Perfectionist ( and 5 Reasons why you should stop)

I am a perfectionist. It is hard for me to finish projects because they can always be better. Being a perfectionist also contributes to my inconsistency and procrastination. I put so much pressure on myself to do something great or just be the best. An example that I struggle with is reading the Bible and praying. I don’t stay consistent because I always pressure myself to read every day¬†or I¬†condemn¬†myself a bad Christian. It does feel good the days when I do read the bible and I¬†pray. It feels like a weight off of my shoulder but the hard part is reaching my own expectations for me.¬† I am always trying to be this perfect version of myself at the expense of myself. I’ve noticed that being a perfectionist has inhibited me to have peace within my mind and with myself. I don’t feel free. I am critical of everything and I¬†hold myself back. I wait to have all of my ducks in a row until I can do something that I want to do.¬† So what is the point of being a perfectionist?

It isn’t healthy and there aren’t results. It affects hobbies and things that I would want to progress in. There isn’t a need for it anymore. If you are anything like me you may have these symptoms as well from being a perfectionist.

Here are some reasons why perfectionism isn’t healthy:

  1. Not Authentic (meaning no peace)
  2. Inconsistent because you put too much pressure on yourself
  3. Procrastination/Never completing tasks
  4. You hold yourself back because you wait for all your ducks to be in a row
  5. You’ll never be at your best


Again, there isn’t any worth to keep picking at yourself and plus it is not your place to judge anyone including yourself.


-Stop condemning yourself

-Learn to let go of the control and give it to a higher power

-Accept yourself and know that it will all work in your favor


Once we take these steps and learn how to be free life will be so much better. ūüôā









” title=”Shia” />

How You should read the bible

As you all know I am inconsistent with reading the Bible among many other things.¬† I try so hard to do the right thing and be consistent. I often times found myself not “delighted” in the Lord.¬† I would try and read the Bible as fast as I could or read as little as possible until I found this article.¬† ¬†The title of the article is Do You Read enough Bible and it is a great question.¬† In the article, the writer discusses his own battles with reading the bible and how we have all went about it the wrong way.¬† We should be excited about reading the bible because it is the book of Eternal Life and it liberates us.¬† The Bible¬†truly is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.¬† We should be eager to meditate on the word and memorize it because it is for our benefit.¬† It is the key component that we need to get through today and the rest of the days of our lives.¬† So I encourage that you too will go and read the article and also sign up for the e-mail subscription.

The Article:

Desiring God article