Why I want to be a director

It all began when I was little,

I remember seeing the vastness of Egypt and all of its splendor through the Prince of Egypt. That was my introduction to the world of cinema. I was mesmerized by the world created on the big screen and wanted to make one of my own.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away was the movie that propelled me to go after my dreams. After learning about how he made a film and was involved in all the details, I knew I wanted to be a director.

I have been preparing all my life for the opportunity to make my own film.  Throughout my years of schooling, I have practiced writing and drawing. I made comic books because it was the closest thing to making a movie that I could get to. It helped me learn about crafting a story and storyboarding. I have made my own music and delved deep into music production to understand what makes a great soundtrack.

I have learned how to edit, I’ve been in plays and many other things that deal with film. So why not me.

I do not want to be a Director or filmmaker for money.  I want to do it as an art.

Film is a way for me to combine everything I love. Everything that is a part of who I am and give birth to my inner universe. I must create and keep creating.  If I don’t create then I cannot be free. It is agonizing holding on to ideas and entire worlds.

I may not make my worlds come alive today or even in the next couple of years but knowing that I strived to make this dream into a reality is all that I need.

That is why I want to be a director.






What is my Script even about? (The Chronicles Of Phoenix)


The Chronicles of Phoenix

My script is about a woman from an ancient civilization named Phoenix. Phoenix has just married but after she married her husband (Berrington) her tribe is wiped out.   Years after the massacre, Phoenix goes back to the land to soul search. While she writes in her journal a comet crashes into her but she isn’t dead. Her tribal blood protects her from natural disaster so, her blood absorbs the flames from the comet. After the accident, a science lab picks her up in hopes that she will solve a major crisis on their hands.  Unfortunately, Phoenix’s husband works for the Lab and does not know if his wife is dead or alive.

So what do you think about the story so far? Comment Down Below:)

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Stacking, Going Over and Everything Else (ScreenJournies)

The Chronicles of Phoenix update

It’s been an odd couple of months while writing my script.  My life is tearing apart and possibly getting better (hoping for good things). A lot of events have been happening. But overall, I have been working on my script and nearing the end of the second draft.   I am hesitant to say that it is my second draft because I have a long to go. I want to add some things and change a lot of things. It is more like an official first draft more than a second draft because I did change the script completely from what I initially wrote down.  So that is my update for The Chronicles of Phoenix.


As I am finishing up another draft,  I feel if it is time to add some more projects to my list. This practice is called stacking.  It is a valuable skill to have in the Industry.  Many great screenwriters have done this and kept up was consistent with the quality of their work.  I have been thinking and writing the outlines for my next projects.

Anyway, that is all I have to say about my screenwriting journey today 🙂

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Lamenting in Black Tears (A dream that I had)

It is morning and everyone is parting ways. My sister goes to school. My mother goes to work. I stay in my room and watch everyone else from my tower. I drew back the curtains only letting in a little bit of the light in  and a little girl, one of my sister’s friends saw me. She smiled at me. Her parents, who were right next to her, came and rang the doorbell. I wish they leave but they greeted me with a smile through the glass door. I went downstairs and answered the door.  The girl was very happy to see me. She wore a pink ballerina outfit and a tiara because it was her birthday. As I opened the door she handed me the card which I assumed to give to my sister. Her smile was infectious and pierced into the deep dark depths of my soul that has been tortured for years.  I took the card and shut the door not wanting anyone to see me.


The next morning was the morning of the girl’s party.  I decided to do something special for the occasion. I drew back the curtains letting light come in. I wore my black cape with feathers on it. Inside the cape was blue and green stripes. I felt vulnerable and pained. Everything was coming to light.


That evening I heard a noise outside of a little girl crying. It was the girl with the smile wearing that pink outfit. She had something brown on her foot. She was laying down crying out for help for a couple of minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore so I rushed her off to the hospital.


It began to rain, as it rained outside tears began streaming down the little girl’s face in sadness.  The little girl looked deeply into the tv screen. As she looked into the screen I looked at her and began to have an aching heart, lamenting her pain. 


The Messanger (Freewrite)

 The world couldn’t live without devices. It was in their ears, eyes and embedded into the landscape of the world. The people used so much energy that the sun never shined again. The people were left with only the light that was emitted from their devices. The creators were all addicts like everyone else. There was only one person who was not an addict. It was an ex-hacker. She saw the world crashing down to its end. All of the sudden there was a gust of wind that came and flipped the pages of a book. The girl picked the book up and read about the final hours of the world. In the book, it had said that the world would be filled with darkness and the sun will no longer shine. She put the book down and thought something had to be done. The only thing the ex-hacker could do was turn the power off so then the world can realize the mess that’s been created. In a rural area, there was a power plant where all of the power that fueled all of the electronics was stored. The hacker ran to the plant and turned off the power. Suddenly the city blacked out and a wisp appeared. The wisp with its speed took out the whole city and then got to the hacker Once the wisp was inside of her she had awoken from her slumber. It was all just a dream.