The “War” on Drugs (Rant and Reflection)

Everything concerning drugs: medical and recreational is messed up. Everyone wants to fight the war on drugs and stop the distribution, we have our DARE programs and commercials.


None of this is working obviously …and that is because we don’t address the actual issue.


The issue starts in mind, we don’t address mental health while talking about drugs.


Mental illness plays a critical role that leads to drug addiction.


From my experiences with taking medication for mental illness,


The medication isn’t that great.


I only took the medication when I wanted too, and when I felt great, I stopped taking it.


I am not the only person who struggles with taking medication consistently and honestly it does not make sense to put people who struggle with inconsistency in the first place to take medication.


Not only is taking the medication for mental health is negative but also everything that happens after you receive your diagnosis which makes life a lot harder.


People view you as different.


Some loved ones will never understand


And Medicinal Industry sees you as a test subject rather than a human being.


The War on drugs is an excuse for not doing better in the mental health field as well as incriminate African Americans.


If the United States really wanted to fight the War on Drugs than a good start would be at the root…mental illness.


Not Doing What I want

This year I decided that I was going to take me seriously. I began to blog and do my other projects but ever since I have been writing and focusing on projects I forgot an important component, love. What do I love to write about, what do I love to do. Me.

I had been researching about a Niche that I would like to write about and doing SEO research. I’ve dabbled in a lot of things which was fun but what about tending to what I love.

I searched for my solution by pausing and looking at the bigger picture. What can wait and what can change.

Since I want to make yet another change for my script I decided that writing a script can wait…or at least I can spend less time writing it. I want to finish it and I am going to finish it but right now it is time for me to focus on me.

Many things, stressors have been happening and I use being busy as an escape. My escape can only last for so long. So now I am going to take care or me.

The Anxiety Challenge:

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Most of these new movies are very upsetting. They are nothing but the same storylines or slow-motion action scenes that no one wants to see anymore. It is almost as if no one has the willpower to think outside the box.

I am sick of these manufactured messes with no striving for innovation. Nowadays it’s just pretty much cheap tricks.

I understand that people have bills to pay and mouths to feed but they have made their money and now it’s time to go ahead and take the risk.

Stop with the reboots and tired superhero movies with heroines that are too skinny and do something extraordinary.

On the other hand, movies such as The Shape of Water and Moonlight give me hope for some innovation.

Finn (From StarWars)

I am a Star Wars fan. I am not a fan of the recent installments but there is one character that really confuses me: Finn.

I am wondering what happened in the writing department. His character had a good background story and from the trailer, he looked like he was going to become the next Jedi. After watching The Force Awakens his character changes from being the main focus of a supporting character.  Not only does John Boyega’s character take a backseat but there was a budding romance between Finn and Rei.

In the Next film, there is a budding romance between Rei and Finn does not get anywhere and also he gets kissed by another woman.  Finn does win while fighting the head stormtrooper but that is all we get for development.  

On a random note: Rei can’t be in a relationship because that breaks Jedi code but then again they did burn all of the books down destroying as well as an established universe so who cares anymore.

Back on Topic: I would have expected much more out of Finn’s character especially since he was the FIRST character introduced in this entire Disney Franchise.

Why I do not get along with many people at Bible College

Many people have seen a transformation in me. I am way more quiet and I do not come out of my dorm unless it is to do something by myself or my friend.  Most of the people here do not even know or have some clue what darkness really lies within the grounds of the campus. It is like a mockery of christianity than glorifying God.

If this was a campus that is very conservative then why is voodoo practiced on the same grounds as were we are suppose to be holy rollers. The people who practice it go to this school and was able to hack into people’s body including mine. Most of the people who come into contact with this person is probably being used for some plan. I warned one person about it (see: The Cold, The Nonchalant) and she just went on ahead and submitted herself to this stupidity.

I can not stand the person who is the ring leader. I am so sick and tired of her mess but all I can do is pray.  As a person who has friends that do practice religions other than mine and as a person who wanted to become an anthropologist I am very tolerate of different religions but I will not tolerate any practice to body hack because you are prideful.

The people I live with are fake. They act like they care for me and have these elaborate prayers. They include worship and prayer with tears and all. Now I have no problem but I should not be feeling like this is all for show or get bad vibes from it. One night while I was praying I was interrupted by 20 other people praying in my home at 1 o’clock in the morning. I should not feel very upset and mad because people are praying at 1 in the morning but I did. They were praying over me and it was really creepy. One person went so far as to speak in tongues.

The staff here mis appropriate money. They spend money on expensive lunches, taking the president out of the country weekly and we don’t even have a cafeteria. Some of the students starve most of the time. We don’t even have enough money to do something very nice for the students. Instead they always have cheap bbqs and not only that but the president only gave $25 dollars. Like the President has a nice car, nice house (extremely I may add) and can make big things poppin for himself but the man can’t even spare about $100 dollars towards the school. We make him look good.

My school degrades itself by taking out programs, the classes are taught by amateurs with phDs  and they don’t really know the material themselves. the library is full of outdated books, the staff don’t even know how to manage whatever office they have. I’m sick of this school.

We must do better. We can not let things like this continue and end up making mediocre associate pastors that are waiting to climb up the pastoral ladder. We need to do more. There is more.