I need your help!

I don’t know what time to post my blog. Like legit. I know that I may have seemed inconsistent…but that isn’t really the case. Between getting back into the groove of blogging and trying to find out which time works out for you I am just very lost.

So I looked at my insight and it said that 12a.m. is the best time to post. So I have been posting at 11:59 p.m. but I have noticed that a lot of my regulars stopped showing up. That is okay but I am just wondering what I should do. So I need your help. Post in the comment section what time you would like me to post. Don’t forget to include your time-zone. I want you and I to work on bettering ourselves together. When I make it, you make it. What I learn, you learn. 🙂


Not letting your emotions control you

Don’t let your emotions control you.

It is easy to let your emotions control you especially when you are depressed. You have to look at the situation as something that’s temporary. You also have to remember what you are working towards, isn’t temporary. You can’t let a short-term feeling affect your long-term success.

It’s hard to not have it together when you feel upset. Personally, I procrastinate out of emotions. I get so anxious or depressed that I take breaks.  I look at others and compare myself to them. I pressure myself and cage up my potential. I want to quit.  A lot of negative events happening at one time and I feel like I can’t handle them. But, I thought to myself, I enjoy writing. I want to share this with you because I understand what it is like to let emotions get the best of you.  I want to let you know that you shouldn’t sabotage your future for momentary satisfaction. You got this! You are special and you deserve greatness. 🙂

Dealing With Bipolar Depression

This time of the year is a very tough time for those of us with seasonal depression. Some of us (on top of having seasonal depression) also have depression or even bipolar depression. I have bipolar depression and it is a struggle to deal with. I am very sensitive, emotional and I am still learning about my triggers. Even though I have bipolar depression  I do not see it as something negative.

For me having an emotional imbalance is motivation to incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise. Eating good foods and exercising makes me feel upbeat. Even on days where I am feeling blue, when I exercise I get lost in the moment. Eating a good meal afterward helps keep that upbeat feeling.

When I feel triggered, sad or any other feeling I see it as a reminder to journal. I use a journal to track my moods and it is a place where I can write down my thoughts in depth. With a journal, I can go back and see reoccurring battles (within my mind) that if I didn’t have a journal I wouldn’t have known about.

Bipolar Depression inspires me to pursue healing (spiritually and mentally) to do better in my life. I challenge myself every day to spend more time connecting to source. God is the way I have the strength to get through each day and bring in positive habits into life. 

To those of you who have bipolar depression or any type of emotional imbalance, re-define that imbalance and don’t let it define you. Strive each day to bring in positive things into your life and don’t let negativity take up the space that is needed.

The Cold, The Nonchalant

Lately I have been acting very cold and distant towards many people except for my friend who I have been friends with since fall semester.  One of the reasons why I have been acting this way because I know that some of the people on this campus are doing and they are doing wrong by me. I had warned the new girl who had came to the campus about what the people here do but she started to hang around these people and became very close. That is when I had to cut her off which I should have done earlier but I decided that she might be okay.

I felt bad because I have not been talking to her much and I am cutting her off. She is being used and does not even know it. She took my warning in vain. She did not even take what I said to her to heart so should I remain friends with someone who does not even actually consider what I had to say?  To a certain extent I understand why I should just turn the other cheek but considering the circumstances I had to do what I needed to do.

As far as the ring leader/ the troublemaker I was trying to go to class until I saw her. I automatically shut the door and locked it but I had to unlock it because she was outside. I did it all in one move. She makes me so upset yet I can’t do nothing about it but pray.