A Post to come

Hi everyone, I am not going to do a traditional post today instead I am gonna let you in on what is going on in my life right now.

  1. I am working on a couple of blog posts but because of life, it won’t be posted today.

I don’t like having my post already typed the day of posting and that is something that I am trying to slowly get over.  I have been struggling with ideas and writing but I have been inspired by the next update.

2. I have been reading The Armour of God Bible Study

This book is by the same Pastor who made War Room. I highly recommend it. It is a very eye-opening read. Going through the Bible study has inspired some topics that I would like to write on this blog, it is very insightful. Pastor Shirer takes us through Ephesians 6 and all of the pieces of armor listed.  I will definitely do a blog post on the Bible Study as well when I finish.


I have been freewriting some stories.  I decided to write the Chronicles of Phoenix like a free write because I had been changing a lot of stuff in the story to get it to my liking. I have also been working on a different story. This story was one that I had put on the back burner but I was drawn to the character so much that I didn’t want to keep it on the backburner any longer. I know that I need to finish my projects that I had started…and I will but I felt like I really needed to get this idea out of my head. Freewriting for me is exploring the ideas within my head and seeing where I can go with it. I enjoy it very much and honestly I really need to do it much more. It is surprising because I like freewriting stories more than anything.

4.Attempting to get through Healing Your Past and Releasing your Future

That book is a heavy read. I am learning a lot from reading the book but it isn’t something that you read on a consistent basis. You take it with chunks, pray, finish the book and then read it again. It is another insightful book, highly recommend it and I am surprised that it isn’t more talked about.

5. Reading The Bible and getting my Spiritual Well-being together

I am starting really slow with reading the Bible. Bible study is helping me become consistent as well as being conscious. I feel great when I eat bananas, read the Bible, Pray, and post. Legit. It is a good day when I do what is essential for me. I have been going chapter by chapter and re-reading chapters until I understand what is going on. The key part is understanding what you are reading and asking God to keep you focused while you read.

That is pretty much it and I enjoyed sharing my update with you. Let me know what is going on in your life or if you are going through the same things. I like hearing comments from Y’all….it keeps me going!

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The Armor of God

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Healing Your Past, Releasing Your Future: Discover the Roots of Your Problems, Experience Healing and Breakthrough to Your God-given Destiny


I need your help!

I don’t know what time to post my blog. Like legit. I know that I may have seemed inconsistent…but that isn’t really the case. Between getting back into the groove of blogging and trying to find out which time works out for you I am just very lost.

So I looked at my insight and it said that 12a.m. is the best time to post. So I have been posting at 11:59 p.m. but I have noticed that a lot of my regulars stopped showing up. That is okay but I am just wondering what I should do. So I need your help. Post in the comment section what time you would like me to post. Don’t forget to include your time-zone. I want you and I to work on bettering ourselves together. When I make it, you make it. What I learn, you learn. 🙂

The Need To Perservere

This week has been emotionally tough. I haven’t been in the mood to write or even open up my documents to begin the process. I had nothing to write about and nothing to share. I was not in a good place at all. I talked to my mother earlier and she told me about the Woman and The judge and how through the Woman’s persistence she was able to accomplish her goal. It was the word persistence that struck me. It is interesting how you need to be persistent to be consistent. You have to push through feelings. You can not quit. The will to be persistent is the drive that leads to consistency.

Every day it will feel like you are tearing down brick walls named, “I don’t FEEL like it” or “I am not in the mood”.  Somedays those walls won’t even be knocked down and you will slip back into inconsistency.  But true persistency is when you get back up and you fight harder. Each time you get knocked down, fight. Every time you run into a wall, fight. Fight to win and don’t give up.


Thank You For Following Me

I just wanted to say….


Thank You to everyone who reads and likes my blog. I really do appreciate the support that you give me. I really do like blogging and I am working hard to be a better writer.  If there is any advice that you would like to give me leave it in the comment section below. I definitely would like to hear from you. Also I do have a patreon page that I will be posting on and those posts WILL NOT be on the blog. So if you want to know more about my goals and life updates…future stuff just head over there.  Again, I Thank all of you for your support 🙂


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Trying Something New

I’ve always wanted make movies…..along with traveling and possibly owning my own business. Let’s just say I have big ideas, dreams, and ambitions. Anywho so I have been working on some screenwriting lately. I have some ideas developed and some are not so developed but it is what it is. I want to share this journey with you as I go through the ups and downs of being a creative individual. I also want to share some of my artwork with you all. I mostly put art on my Instagram but these drawings or paintings have stories to tell and what other place to tell them than here.  In a nutshell:

  1. Screenwriting
  2. Artwork with Stories

Dealing With Bipolar Depression

This time of the year is a very tough time for those of us with seasonal depression. Some of us (on top of having seasonal depression) also have depression or even bipolar depression. I have bipolar depression and it is a struggle to deal with. I am very sensitive, emotional and I am still learning about my triggers. Even though I have bipolar depression  I do not see it as something negative.

For me having an emotional imbalance is motivation to incorporate healthy eating habits and exercise. Eating good foods and exercising makes me feel upbeat. Even on days where I am feeling blue, when I exercise I get lost in the moment. Eating a good meal afterward helps keep that upbeat feeling.

When I feel triggered, sad or any other feeling I see it as a reminder to journal. I use a journal to track my moods and it is a place where I can write down my thoughts in depth. With a journal, I can go back and see reoccurring battles (within my mind) that if I didn’t have a journal I wouldn’t have known about.

Bipolar Depression inspires me to pursue healing (spiritually and mentally) to do better in my life. I challenge myself every day to spend more time connecting to source. God is the way I have the strength to get through each day and bring in positive habits into life. 

To those of you who have bipolar depression or any type of emotional imbalance, re-define that imbalance and don’t let it define you. Strive each day to bring in positive things into your life and don’t let negativity take up the space that is needed.

No More Guilt or Shame

When I was little I use to wonder “how does God give freedom?” To me, it felt like Christian life was more restricted. There were the 7 commandments,  the church would add more stuff like listening to gospel music only, don’t do this and don’t go here.  Everything seemed restrictive to the point where my view of God was restricted. I eventually restricted myself to be a Christian. I struggled with sin and telling God about sin. I shamed myself when I skipped reading the bible or didn’t pray.  I became a perfectionist in every aspect of my life. I wasn’t being authentic with God. I threw away my authentic self in search of an identity.  I didn’t understand the freedom that God gave. It wasn’t until I realized that I was hurting and in need of healing. I researched resources to help me change my life. I needed freedom and peace that only God can provide.  

I was listening to a sermon on the book of 1st John, the pastor emphasized on how sin separates us from God. Instead of hiding from God because of sin, tell God about it. God forgives us and wants us to learn from our sin. The price was already paid that is why Jesus died on the cross.

   I always heard about Jesus dying for our sins but it never really made sense to me. After reading the book of 1st John, I know what sin is and that it overtakes our being. I also learned that God loved all of me. From this perspective, I learned that I was condemning myself. I made the law my God instead of God my God. As a result, I hid away from God and let perfectionism overtake me. I hurt myself until I shifted my focus.  My relationship with God grew deeper. I wanted to be a disciple out of my Love for Christ.  

God’s freedom: Be yourself