Advice for Black Female Creatives


If you are anything like me, you have had a hard time getting through life with being black, female and creative.  It’s hard. Many people will find you weird and you won’t have much support from your family. Your dreams and goals will not be respected plus it’s hard finding someone to click with. You will seek affirmation and people who understand you but it’s hard getting what you need.

Even though having people behind you is good, but no one will understand your vision like you. You are the one who will carry out this vision. In order to do this, stop caring about what is cool and what everyone else is doing. Be willing to be human even though Black Women are prideful in hiding their emotions. Build up the confidence to stand behind the vision and yourself.

Give birth to your universe. Don’t think you are too small or too big and don’t let your race or gender tell you otherwise.
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How To Draw a Realistic Eye

Do you want to learn how to draw a realistic eye? Here is a video for you. Make your drawings stand out with this step by step instructional video on how to draw an eye. Enjoy and come back for more! 🙂



How To Stop Being a Perfectionist ( and 5 Reasons why you should stop)

I am a perfectionist. It is hard for me to finish projects because they can always be better. Being a perfectionist also contributes to my inconsistency and procrastination. I put so much pressure on myself to do something great or just be the best. An example that I struggle with is reading the Bible and praying. I don’t stay consistent because I always pressure myself to read every day or I condemn myself a bad Christian. It does feel good the days when I do read the bible and I pray. It feels like a weight off of my shoulder but the hard part is reaching my own expectations for me.  I am always trying to be this perfect version of myself at the expense of myself. I’ve noticed that being a perfectionist has inhibited me to have peace within my mind and with myself. I don’t feel free. I am critical of everything and I hold myself back. I wait to have all of my ducks in a row until I can do something that I want to do.  So what is the point of being a perfectionist?

It isn’t healthy and there aren’t results. It affects hobbies and things that I would want to progress in. There isn’t a need for it anymore. If you are anything like me you may have these symptoms as well from being a perfectionist.

Here are some reasons why perfectionism isn’t healthy:

  1. Not Authentic (meaning no peace)
  2. Inconsistent because you put too much pressure on yourself
  3. Procrastination/Never completing tasks
  4. You hold yourself back because you wait for all your ducks to be in a row
  5. You’ll never be at your best


Again, there isn’t any worth to keep picking at yourself and plus it is not your place to judge anyone including yourself.


-Stop condemning yourself

-Learn to let go of the control and give it to a higher power

-Accept yourself and know that it will all work in your favor


Once we take these steps and learn how to be free life will be so much better. 🙂









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Snippet / Freewrite (Screen Journies)

She gazes into the sunset wondering what is next. Her life has already fallen apart. There isn’t anywhere left to turn but back home. It feels so lonely but comforting at the same moment. She gets on the train and looks at the window. Tears stream her face. No more dream job, no more traveling and humiliation. She moves on knowing that everything will be better but just right now, everything isn’t ok.

She’s back at home. Her family looks at her. They know. The step aside as she puts her suitcase next to the couch. Her fingers tremble across the air pump and fill the air mattress. Sol lays on top of the mattress in the fetal position, squeezing her body tightly, trying to have some sort of comfort. Sleep finally overcomes her being.

The next day she sleeps in. It is cold. Her body loves the heat that she gets from the covers. There isn’t any hunger, no desire to do anything…she lies there for tomorrow.

Today…Sol rises.

This is a snippet from my upcoming script: Happy and Nappy.

If You enjoyed it let me know 🙂


I’ll put more snippets of my scripts there and other content 🙂


Rose and The Creme Sky

The Rose

Roses are my favorite flowers to create with oil pastels.  It showcases how well you can blend oil pastels together. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece especially the flower. Normally flowers are more intricately detailed but roses are not. Roses are abstract and complex. There are not as many lines in this piece and that is something that I like. Color provides the details.  This picture is the epitome of why I use oil pastels.

The Creme Sky

I really like the colors of the background. They give off the feelings of spring.  Spring is my favorite season; the soft colors to showcase what I like most about spring, The orange is for the temperature and pink is for the colors of the season.


Get started on your artistic journey today with these oil pastels. These are really good for people who are just starting out using oil pastels:)



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Sakura XLP50 50-Piece Cray-Pas Expressionist Assorted Color Oil Pastel Set

Finished Character Design From next script


So….I did a thing.

I wanted to do something a little different. I had some footage from my last video and I decided that I wanted to make something out of it.

The Character Design

The character I was working on is from a different script that I have recently finished an in-depth outline of.  Her name is Sol.  Her story is about her finding light after her life falls apart.

Here is the video:


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