Old Materials with New Strategies

I started going back to writing for a tad bit. For a long time, I lied to myself, saying that I wasn’t going to go back to writing until I can lock myself in a space and not focus on anything else, but the desire to write a story keeps urges me to write NOW. In one of my recent posts, the biggest issue is what do I want to write. I continuously want to play around with old, ancient ideas. I still want to finish those ideas. I still have new stuff that is more realistic and easier to accomplish, but it doesn’t entice me as much as writing a fantasy story.
Maybe I feel the urge to continue to play with these old ideas because I haven’t finished a story.
It’s just so difficult to come up with a plot because all I see are scenes. Beautiful scenes that don’t have a compelling plot.
Sometimes I wonder if I should even make a plot. It’s difficult.

The approach that I decided to go with is to go ahead and write out scenes from all of the stories that I want to write and to write. I’ll go back and worry about the style later. I need to get it out of my system completely.

I got the idea from my life coach; she had told me to do a purge: write down everything I want to do and the details for each project or goal I have in mind so that it’ll ease my mind. I know that my ideas are fleshed out on paper somewhere and that I can do it later.

Something that I am worried about is forgetting about my purge. Or writing some stories out, but I think when the time is right, something will compel me to finish that story, after all, stories do need to end.

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