First Sensory Deprivation Experience

I was terrified at first. I did lots of research on everything dealing with the experience. I wanted to make sure that it aligned with me spiritually and mentally before I even tried it. What had scared me about the tank was a death inside of the Tank, but with further research, I found out that what I had feared was highly unlikely.

I choose a facility with people who had a background in mental health and psychology which made me feel better-taken care of.

The experience was very intergalactic. I couldn’t stay in the tank with the lights off, but it was a fantastic experience. I thought I wouldn’t be able to settle down because I had anxiety but that wasn’t the case. I eventually relaxed. I did have some scary moments like when the lights were off. My mind wasn’t in the right place, but then It started to calm down until I was one with myself. I heard my heartbeat and concentrated on it.

The water was the perfect temperature.

I thought of my mother, God, and a song.

I went looking for clarity. I left overall happy and in a positive mental state.

The first time probably was not the best because I kept going in and out of my meditative state, but I bet the next time will be much better.


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