Stop searching for that Golden Idea


Stop searching for that one idea that’ll make you successful. There are different ways to get to your goal; there isn’t just one way. Think about Billionaires; they don’t have one source of income, there are multiple streams of income. Billionaires continue to grow and evolve, so should we. Again, stop putting all of your hopes on one project.


Even if it’s only one idea that is successful, it is ok. Having one victory does not mean stop working at your craft. If your victory brings in income, that means less stress and more time to work on what you love.


It is unnecessary to wear yourself out about one idea. Let thoughts come to you. It is in those quiet moments when ideas will come to you. They are so subtle that you won’t even notice it. Stop and have a moment of clarity. Relax. The thoughts that you want to focus on are re-occurring, they are strong passions, it’ll occur when you are close to your spiritual source.

Your “Genius” will help you map out a plan for your next project, all you need to do is free yourself. We tend to treat ourselves like machines but we aren’t machines, and our ideas aren’t ours to claim (especially the good ones). Acknowledge your source.

Once we stop tiring ourselves by trying to find the next big thing, then we will be able to progress on our creative paths. Let the genius craft you, don’t craft the Genius.

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