Trying to set up a schedule and fighting against myself

When I was young I rebelled against schedules. Thoughts and feelings were a guide for me. If I felt right about something then it was the right thing to do and if I felt bad about something then that something was wrong. I ran into a lot of grey areas. This year I am undoing my thought process along with many other bad habits. I am on the road to healing and trying to better myself. One of the ways I want to attack this process is on my blog. I use to have a routine where I would write my posts at the beginning of the week and edit throughout the week, but I would procrastinate because of outside stressors. I would tell myself “I don’t feel like doing” whatever the task was and I don’t do it. The main goal for me with my blog is to not let my routine break because of outside stressors. I want to see where my blog goes. So that is the challenge for me and you. Don’t let outside forces inhibit success.

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