How To Write a Story: Going Through The Fire of Editing


Editing is a test. I do not like someone else reading what I wrote and critic it. I am sensitive, but writing is helping me get over it. Editing is very necessary. It is the refining process for writing. The process keeps you from being embarrassed and helps your ideas become accessible to others. It’s good to know that someone understands what you wrote.
The resource I like to use is Grammarly. Grammarly forces you to take a second look at your writing and make it as pristine as possible. I have not used the paid version of Grammarly yet, but, someday I would like to.

Grammarly isn’t the only resource there are freelancers or you can even ask your friends. The main goal is to make your idea clear.

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The How To Write Series:

How To Write a Story: The Process of Writing and Tips!

How To Write a Story: The Outline to a New World

Tools to help you make the outline and write your story

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AmazonBasics Classic Notebook – Ruled

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