How To Write a Story: The Process of Writing and Tips!

It is time to write your story. Regardless of what medium you decide to showcase your work on, it will be a tedious process, especially if you are writing a script. This project can get discouraging. One may think that: there are people who are doing a better job at writing and it’s better to quit.  I recommend taking a break or limiting yourself from reading material from others while you are writing. It may break you. Instead, read material that isn’t intimidating. This will help inspire you rather than make you want to quit. Another tip: don’t let others tell you that your story has been done before, finish first, then see if it’s true.

Enjoy the process!

Immerse yourself in the world. Feel the atmosphere. Put your feelings into this work and do not hold back. Take the story chapter by chapter, phrase by phrase and write.

After The First Draft is Completed

Read it. Make sure that you enjoy the story! Reading and writing are completely different. Once you read the story, it is like having a new set of eyes. Writing is using words to express an idea. Reading is viewing the idea that the words create.

Have someone else read the piece and give pointers.


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