Old Journal Entry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now I have a big project that I am working on for you all. I didn’t expect it to be as big of a blog post but it is what it is. I am currently editing that, coming up with some more interesting posts for you all and working on some projects. For now, I will leave you with a wonderful memory that I had.


Today was a wonderful day that the Lord has made indeed. Today I feel as if I had lived. First I had anthropology and felt the enlightenment of learning. I never had felt so delighted from learning about something since I was little and learned about the Chinese character for a cow. It was great I had a lot of a-ha moments and just enjoyed learning about what shaped and modeled our society.


Anyway, the most beautiful moment happened during yoga class this evening. Like any other yoga class, I started by laying down and closing my eyes giving myself some time to block out any worries from my mind.  After some warm-ups, the teacher leads us outside. Today I thought the sky and weather were perfect. We had gray clouds is some spots grayer than others. There was a spot where the clouds were clearing up and you can see some of the blue skies. At first, you can feel a little warmth from the sun. There were warm breezes that were very light yet heavy enough to move my hair. We started our outside poses with some warrior stances. We had to keep our focus out into the landscape. I decided to focus on that patch of blue sky.  When we moved from our warrior stances to poses that required us to look up north I saw the gray clouds. The sun was letting up giving the gray clouds a shine. It looked like something a very artistic photographer would have tried to capture. Our next poses were tree poses. For these poses, I had to ground myself firmly into the ground. I became one with the earth. When I finally lifted my foot off of the ground the yoga teacher told everyone to close their eyes. While my eyes were closed my senses were heightened. I felt how intimate the breeze was and the warmth of the sun.

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