Pursuing Serenity (Your Top Priority)

As someone who lives with mental illness, my biggest desires are peace and joy. It is hard trying to obtain it when you are in constant battle with your mind.

I always say that I want to be living and not surviving but I never knew what living was. I always thought living was doing what everyone seems to do nowadays: find financial freedom and travel. I always knew that there was more to life than that (I still want to travel). I caught glimpses of what actual living was through podcasts and sermons.

The living is taking life in bits with patience. We are always doing something. I take great pride in being a busybody but, it feels better to simplify life. My mother said it best: take life second by second, minute by minute and day by day. We tend to forget to take it all in slowly and through pieces. It is easy because we are fed so much information at once. There is easy access to everyone and less privacy.


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