Advice for Black Female Creatives


If you are anything like me, you have had a hard time getting through life with being black, female and creative.  It’s hard. Many people will find you weird and you won’t have much support from your family. Your dreams and goals will not be respected plus it’s hard finding someone to click with. You will seek affirmation and people who understand you but it’s hard getting what you need.

Even though having people behind you is good, but no one will understand your vision like you. You are the one who will carry out this vision. In order to do this, stop caring about what is cool and what everyone else is doing. Be willing to be human even though Black Women are prideful in hiding their emotions. Build up the confidence to stand behind the vision and yourself.

Give birth to your universe. Don’t think you are too small or too big and don’t let your race or gender tell you otherwise.


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