Reading Screenplays and Where to read them

If you are an aspiring filmmaker or screenwriter, it is imperative that you skip this step in your process. Go read some scripts.  It is the first step in anyone’s journey to making or criticising a film. A script is the meat and bones of the film and without it,  the film will fall apart. The script is vital to understanding the film and the direction it was taking. I, Within my own process of writing my script, read a few scripts and that helped me feel confident in my writing and working with the script format. After reading a few scripts, you will too.  In this post, I will share where I read my favorite script with you.


Awesome Film

Awesome Film is a great place to start when reading scripts. They do not have a wide selection, but they feature a lot of cult classic scripts such as The Big Lebowski. There are also some classics such as the Graduate in their collection.  The downside, however, is how limited the selection is. One thing to note is that when you click on a script, another tab will not open and you will move away from the home page.


Screenplay Database

Screenplay Database has a great collection of scripts. There are some more recent additions to their collection like 12 years of Slave as well as classic movies. On this website, there is an Academy award icon that’s next to each film that won an Academy. The downside of using this site is that the library only had 400 scripts,

The Internet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database has a large selection of scripts that are well organized and categorized.  Some of the selection are extremely recent scripts like LaLa Land.  What makes this website standout are the reviews. I find most of the reviews very helpful and thorough. If you feel compelled to do so, you can leave a review yourself.

Simply Scripts

Simply Scripts has the most well-organized selection of scripts.   You can look for scripts through genres and alphabet. The most unique part of the website is on the homepage, you can see the more recent additions to their script collection. Right now they have the script of The Room and I am sure that will be an interesting read.


Sources and more websites:

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