Snippet / Freewrite (Screen Journies)

She gazes into the sunset wondering what is next. Her life has already fallen apart. There isn’t anywhere left to turn but back home. It feels so lonely but comforting at the same moment. She gets on the train and looks at the window. Tears stream her face. No more dream job, no more traveling and humiliation. She moves on knowing that everything will be better but just right now, everything isn’t ok.

She’s back at home. Her family looks at her. They know. The step aside as she puts her suitcase next to the couch. Her fingers tremble across the air pump and fill the air mattress. Sol lays on top of the mattress in the fetal position, squeezing her body tightly, trying to have some sort of comfort. Sleep finally overcomes her being.

The next day she sleeps in. It is cold. Her body loves the heat that she gets from the covers. There isn’t any hunger, no desire to do anything…she lies there for tomorrow.

Today…Sol rises.

This is a snippet from my upcoming script: Happy and Nappy.

If You enjoyed it let me know 🙂


I’ll put more snippets of my scripts there and other content 🙂


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