Rose and The Creme Sky

The Rose

Roses are my favorite flowers to create with oil pastels.  It showcases how well you can blend oil pastels together. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece especially the flower. Normally flowers are more intricately detailed but roses are not. Roses are abstract and complex. There are not as many lines in this piece and that is something that I like. Color provides the details.  This picture is the epitome of why I use oil pastels.

The Creme Sky

I really like the colors of the background. They give off the feelings of spring.  Spring is my favorite season; the soft colors to showcase what I like most about spring, The orange is for the temperature and pink is for the colors of the season.


Get started on your artistic journey today with these oil pastels. These are really good for people who are just starting out using oil pastels:)



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Sakura XLP50 50-Piece Cray-Pas Expressionist Assorted Color Oil Pastel Set

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