How You should read the bible

As you all know I am inconsistent with reading the Bible among many other things.  I try so hard to do the right thing and be consistent. I often times found myself not “delighted” in the Lord.  I would try and read the Bible as fast as I could or read as little as possible until I found this article.   The title of the article is Do You Read enough Bible and it is a great question.  In the article, the writer discusses his own battles with reading the bible and how we have all went about it the wrong way.  We should be excited about reading the bible because it is the book of Eternal Life and it liberates us.  The Bible truly is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  We should be eager to meditate on the word and memorize it because it is for our benefit.  It is the key component that we need to get through today and the rest of the days of our lives.  So I encourage that you too will go and read the article and also sign up for the e-mail subscription.

The Article:

Desiring God article

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