The Chronicles of Phoenix update

It’s been an odd couple of months while writing my script.  My life is tearing apart and possibly getting better (hoping for good things). A lot of events have been happening. But overall, I have been working on my script and nearing the end of the second draft.   I am hesitant to say that it is my second draft because I have a long to go. I want to add some things and change a lot of things. It is more like an official first draft more than a second draft because I did change the script completely from what I initially wrote down.  So that is my update for The Chronicles of Phoenix.


As I am finishing up another draft,  I feel if it is time to add some more projects to my list. This practice is called stacking.  It is a valuable skill to have in the Industry.  Many great screenwriters have done this and kept up was consistent with the quality of their work.  I have been thinking and writing the outlines for my next projects.

Anyway, that is all I have to say about my screenwriting journey today 🙂

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