The Messanger (Freewrite)

 The world couldn’t live without devices. It was in their ears, eyes and embedded into the landscape of the world. The people used so much energy that the sun never shined again. The people were left with only the light that was emitted from their devices. The creators were all addicts like everyone else. There was only one person who was not an addict. It was an ex-hacker. She saw the world crashing down to its end. All of the sudden there was a gust of wind that came and flipped the pages of a book. The girl picked the book up and read about the final hours of the world. In the book, it had said that the world would be filled with darkness and the sun will no longer shine. She put the book down and thought something had to be done. The only thing the ex-hacker could do was turn the power off so then the world can realize the mess that’s been created. In a rural area, there was a power plant where all of the power that fueled all of the electronics was stored. The hacker ran to the plant and turned off the power. Suddenly the city blacked out and a wisp appeared. The wisp with its speed took out the whole city and then got to the hacker Once the wisp was inside of her she had awoken from her slumber. It was all just a dream.





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