Top 10 Anime Series I like

Ghost In The Shell


” title=”Motoko” />
What drew me to this series was the Major’s character design. It took me a while to start watching this series but when I finally did I enjoyed myself. Episode 1 will always be memorable but it also feels like it was a rip off from the movie. The movie version was much more interesting but the series is still cool. Also, the soundtracks are amazing.

Deadman Wonderland


” title=”Shiro” />
The gritty dialogue is what sells this anime. The main character, Ganta is like Shinji Ikari (From Neon Genesis Evangelion).  What makes Ganta a better character than Shinji is that Ganta becomes assertive.

Wakakozake (The anime and The drama)


” title=”Foodie” />
This anime is one that I rewatch frequently.  I really like this anime because it is about a woman who eats food and enjoys going out by herself. I also like going out by myself so I can relate. The anime overall feels like taking a warm bath; it’s soothing.

Hunter x Hunter (2011)


” title=”Gon and Killua” />
I was very skeptical about this show when I was first watched it, but now it is one of my favorite series.  After the first watch, it took me awhile to revisit the series and then I binged watch the series.

Devilman: Crybaby


” title=”Akira Fudo” />
The art direction and everything about this anime was great. It was also thought-provoking.

Miss Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid


” title=”Kanna” />
This is another series that I rewatch frequently. It is funny and I love the characters plus, this series contains one of the best fight scenes in anime.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


” title=”Roy Mustang” />
This anime is the epitome of a good balance. There are the comedy, depth, and it’s just overall a great anime.

Ouran Highschool Host Club


” title=”Tamaki” />
I have recently rewatched this show.  I enjoy watching this show because it makes me feel happy.  It’s fun and lighthearted.



” title=”Johan” />
I’m not finished with this anime but the story is great. Each episode is glorious. I feel like this series is a bit underrated so far but again I am not finished with the series.



” title=”Memories” />
I really enjoyed Kaiba. It was a short yet powerful series.  It has a similar art style as the Little Prince, Nemo Adventures in Slumberland and some other childhood favorites but it is a very adult show.

Special Mentions:

-Shinsekai Yori

-Samurai Champloo


-Neon Genesis Evangelion

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