Contrast (Black Girl ART)

This Piece was the first time (in a long time) I did not hold myself back. It is actually one of my favorite pieces. I allowed myself to be free to draw without criticism. The idea of this piece came from wanting to know what I would look like with dreadlocks. In my dream life, I pictured myself being a black woman who travels, has dreadlocks and someone who was just free. When I drew this picture, I was in a space where I felt free. It wasn’t the best time of my life but I it was pretty good; my hair was growing out, I had the freedom to go where I wanted to go and do what I wanted to do. I was content and me being in a place where I felt good boosted my creativity.  I did not have too many art supplies but, I made the best of the permanent markers and pencils I had.  For this piece, I wanted to make the hair opaque so having just permanent marker and pencils were good enough. The opacity of the hair with the details on the ends of the shape created hair I really like.  The picture very aesthetically pleasing and expresses the way I feel about my hair.  My hair is a beautiful shape and beautiful detail, from the curls that you see when it’s washed to the overall look of it.

Here are some art tools to get you started on your project

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