15 Ways You Could Probably Simplify Your Life


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Gettyimages.com/Couple driving in vintage car

Don’t you just have some days when simply living life feels like such a hassle? We all have those moments when we just want to crawl back into bed and hit the reset button. Life is complicated these days. Older generations can attest to it—my 95-year-old grandpa often makes jokes about how he’s glad he has nurses to handle everything because even the simplest tasks are harder than they used to be. We’re expected to do more, go more places, make more, have more and just be more than any previous generation. Everyone isn’t just a person—they’re a brand! Nobody can just have a hobby anymore—they’re pressured to find a way to monetize it. There are a several hundred selections when it simply comes to choosing a chapstick. I want to get back in bed just writing this. Who doesn’t want more ways to streamline…

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