The Chronicles of Phoenix (Aspiring Film in The making)


The Chronicles of Phoenix is the title of the script that I am working on. I’ve been working on this story for 7 years and I never had the time to immerse myself in my work until now.  Throughout the years, the story changed drastically some things thrown out and new things put in. The story is inspired by dreams.

I thought that my dreams would be awesome in a film and the story became a string of dreams. After a while,  The Chronicles of Phoenix was more than that. As someone who loves storytelling and it’s the art form,  other storytellers have inspired me to put meaning into my story which meant that the scenes that did not help the story had to go.

Some of the ideas that I had to let go of:

-My main character becoming a superhero

-A hallucination that was ultimately a prophecy about the main character’s spouse

-The ending as a positive “the hero saves the world” ending.

 “Kill your Darlings”-Stephen King

Stephen King’s Tips

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