Black Girl Magic on Youtube Part1


I just wanted to share some inspiring people with you 🙂

SoulBeauty Chat


Fatima (basically my twin now because my name is Fatima) is a Christian based vlogger and I love her content. She is also a coach and has a 30-day prayer journaling challenge which I highly recommend (I am doing that right now). Go check her out.

Patrice Washington (America’s Money Maven)

Patrice Washington has been on Steve Harvey’s show and gave us tips on how to be in control of our finances now, with her podcast, she is actually redefining wealth. All of her podcasts have been life changing so if you are ready for some thought-provoking conversation look no further.


Joulezy is a social commentator that is extremely entertaining and engaging. I have found some cool books through her channel and she also has very educational content. Another very thought-provoking content creator.


Glamfun inspires me to do better for me. She is very energetic and fun. Through her trying out different workouts, diets and hair regiments you will find something in their for you.


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