Hi everyone,

To begin this blog post….the purpose of this blog is to encourage others and to have a dialogue of some of the challenges with walking in the Christian Faith and just life in general. It has always been in my heart to do something like this to help those who feel like they are stuck or just need some help. Later on, I do plan on doing blog posts on each featured resource.


  • Healing Your Past and Releasing Your Future by Catherine Cahill Fabiano and Frank P. Fabiano
    -I am currently reading this book but it makes me think a lot about past events or thoughts that I struggle to let go of. This book is one that you will have to read over and over again just because of the wealth of information. It integrates psychology and Christian ideology (the authors are Psychologists by the way) which is very interesting.                                                                     


  • Skip The Stress/ Starting With God
    -The entire website is full of information that can help with taking the next step with Christ. It is a life-changing resource. I have recommended this to a lot of people and everyone has said that the website helped them tremendously.


  • Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled by Norvel Hayes

-This book is a short and easy read. I read this book a long time ago and I plan on re-reading it. There are real-life experiences and key verses that uplifted me when I went through a lot of depressing moments in my life.


  • Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You by H. Norman Wright

-This book is a guide to unveiling your identity in God’s eyes. The book is constructed like a workbook with thought-provoking topics. H. Norman Wright is also a psychologist with a Christian background.


  • 1st John in The Bible
    -Reading this book has helped me when taking my first steps towards building a relationship with Christ. I encourage that everyone reads 1st John thoroughly and retain that information. This book of the Bible should be read over and over again regardless of circumstance.                     

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