Finn (From StarWars)

I am a Star Wars fan. I am not a fan of the recent installments but there is one character that really confuses me: Finn.

I am wondering what happened in the writing department. His character had a good background story and from the trailer, he looked like he was going to become the next Jedi. After watching The Force Awakens his character changes from being the main focus of a supporting character.  Not only does John Boyega’s character take a backseat but there was a budding romance between Finn and Rei.

In the Next film, there is a budding romance between Rei and Finn does not get anywhere and also he gets kissed by another woman.  Finn does win while fighting the head stormtrooper but that is all we get for development.  

On a random note: Rei can’t be in a relationship because that breaks Jedi code but then again they did burn all of the books down destroying as well as an established universe so who cares anymore.

Back on Topic: I would have expected much more out of Finn’s character especially since he was the FIRST character introduced in this entire Disney Franchise.

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