No More Guilt or Shame

When I was little I use to wonder “how does God give freedom?” To me, it felt like Christian life was more restricted. There were the 7 commandments,  the church would add more stuff like listening to gospel music only, don’t do this and don’t go here.  Everything seemed restrictive to the point where my view of God was restricted. I eventually restricted myself to be a Christian. I struggled with sin and telling God about sin. I shamed myself when I skipped reading the bible or didn’t pray.  I became a perfectionist in every aspect of my life. I wasn’t being authentic with God. I threw away my authentic self in search of an identity.  I didn’t understand the freedom that God gave. It wasn’t until I realized that I was hurting and in need of healing. I researched resources to help me change my life. I needed freedom and peace that only God can provide.  

I was listening to a sermon on the book of 1st John, the pastor emphasized on how sin separates us from God. Instead of hiding from God because of sin, tell God about it. God forgives us and wants us to learn from our sin. The price was already paid that is why Jesus died on the cross.

   I always heard about Jesus dying for our sins but it never really made sense to me. After reading the book of 1st John, I know what sin is and that it overtakes our being. I also learned that God loved all of me. From this perspective, I learned that I was condemning myself. I made the law my God instead of God my God. As a result, I hid away from God and let perfectionism overtake me. I hurt myself until I shifted my focus.  My relationship with God grew deeper. I wanted to be a disciple out of my Love for Christ.  

God’s freedom: Be yourself


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