Changes, changes, changes


Hello everyone. I know I have not kept up with my blog at all. Such as life. Many changes like the title ensues.  One of the biggest changes: I am not at bible college anymore.  Bible College was not right for me after all.  I went there for the wrong reasons like chasing after something that a physical place could not give me. I did not really have any direction to what I was doing anyway so I went back home but I will be going back to Georgia but for a different reason.   The reason why I am going back to Georgia is for school. Instead of Bible College I am going to Art School. No I am not just jumping from school to school I am actually taking a break. I have not took a break in such a long time. This break was a much needed break.

During this break I kept asking myself questions like: what do I want to really do in life? What can I see myself doing? How can I do it? So, I wrote out my dream life.  In this dream life I want to travel, do public speaking as well as learn from other cultures specifically in the area of religion.  So now I am working on my dream life.

The first step towards my dream life is research and lately I have been busy (so, much for break) doing other things for other people besides myself.  I want to research and also finish some other personal goals .

As far as the blog is concerned I want to share my journey with you all.  I want it to be like an intimate conversation between you and me about life. Hopefully we will both learn something together through this journey called life.

May you have healthy, wealth and all the beautiful and good things in life…..

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