After Math


Every time I think about the things that went on while I was in bible college it feels like I was in the process of losing myself.  It was not the right choice for me as a person. I am very open minded and not really traditional whereas the bible college I went to was very traditional. I did not like how certain material was presented and I felt like some ideas were just excluded altogether.  It felt like I was stuck in the age where all we get taught is to go to church, go to bible study and go to sunday school. We did not really ponder on the idea of having a personal relationship with God, how that relationship with God can change us and there are so many different ideas that were never going to be talked about. Like creativity and religion. I love how Erwin Mcmanus wrote a book about it. He mostly talks about how God calls us to live artisan lives. An artisan life is a life which is crafted and loved.  It sounds much better than don’t sin and go to church. I just wished that there was ideas with a bit more substance being taught.

There is a reason why anything of substance was not being taught. The school was not accredited. I was very upset when I found this information out.  The President of the school was making 4.5 million yet could not do anything to get the school accredited. Not only that but He took out programs instead of expanding. All though I guess that is what happens when you get a person who can hardly speak English run an English institution.   Not only that but then the Director of the Religious Studies Department was fired and then e-mailed the student body.

I am glad that I will not be attending that school ever again. It did serve it’s purpose as a quick escape from being in a really bad situation but for more than that it was a horrible choice.

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