First of all let me start of by saying that my friend has dropped knowledge on me about my spending habits and that God would not give people money who has bad spending habits.  So keep that in mind.

Anyway. I have been working on script writing until the whole rape situation lead me on a hiatus. I have not been sleeping, I’ve been reading the Tiger’s curse series and it has been very hectic.

I am very happy that I have cranked out 25 pages, which is the most that I have ever written so that is the awesomest part ever. I want to go to school for script writing but yet I still want to stay in a bible college BUT  I kinda actually want to go to art school.

Basically I feel like I have three options (there is actually more but the more does not seem very favorable)

Option 1: Going to Scad. I have been wanting to go to scad since my 2nd year in high school.  The thing about going to scad is the fact that it is expensive. I want to go to the one in downtown Atlanta but probably the biggest problem (besides being pricey) is the fact that I will not be in a bible college so it will not be like God is the focus there and then I can be trapped in some stuff that I honestly don’t need to be trapped in.

Option2: Kansas City

There is a Bible college in Kansas City but it is away from Downtown like in the Suburbs or something (like SIUe) and no buses or trains going there. I would buy a car and finally get my license but I kinda do not like being in the middle of nowhere. I can transfer my credits and it will take less time to graduate. Regardless of where I go now it will be about three years but if I went to Kansas City it would be less time. Plus it is Kansas City and if I drive (which to be for real I hardly ever drive so I would be getting in some practice) than I can visit my favorite places.

Option 3: There is one but it is a lot of things.

Basically I will not be going to school at all. Maybe for a short period of time (with a max around 1 to 2 years) or just drop out of college. For the things my heart is closes to I really don’t have to go to college and I really do not think I am ever going to finish (basically I think one day I am just going to drop out for real but that is once I get the courage to do so).

Right now I am just thinking. I am not going to do anything until next month. In the next month I will fill out my first application and then in april I will do my application for scad. I will be going back home in some weeks fro spring break so I am very excited about that.

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