Am I ready?


I would always get excited and anxious for something cool to happen. A huge life changing event. Something where I am actually recognized or I finally master what ever gift or talent I needed to master and then voila my life will change. The question is would I be ready. Am I too young to reach success? Will I be able to handle it? Do I have to have it all together before God can grant me the desires of my heart? I am always just dreaming and when I find out that a dream can possibly be a reality I start to panic and if it is a dream that is beyond my imagination then I really start to panic.

I would get very excited and tense at the same time.  It is like I am ready for it all to happen for me now but am I really ready.

If I am able to do the unbelievable shall I shrink back in fear because I am afraid to fall on my face or should I try something different and see what happens?

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