Script Writing


Lately I have told people that I like to write which is 1/2 way true. Writing is something that is hard for me to do and share.  I try and write stories. Stories are really hard for me to write and I write them because I want to write a script.

Before I got into writing stories I wrote scripts. Scripts were easier for me to write. short stories are easy to write as well because they are short. I always wanted to write a long novel to turn into a script.

I started off writing scripts in middle school randomly and started to like it more and more. Making up random characters and such. I can create my own little word full of action unlike with stories. It seems much harder to write long stories for me.

My mother had inspired me to go further and learn the formatting of writing scripts properly because she had a couple of scripts from college and I read them. They were all awesome.

This year I had started back to writing scripts. I felt like with writing scripts is much easier for me to finish and understand my characters. I can go back over my characters and give them more life and depth.

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