Reading The Bible


When I was at a regular University we had this center called the spirituality center.   It had free coffee (seems like good parts of my life revolves around coffee) and a prayer room. I would always get up early to get my coffee and prepare myself for prayer and meditation. It was always quiet there, Hardly anyone would go so I was definitely in the right place to get intimate and close to God.

I would start off with a reading from the bible, then I meditated on what I read and afterwards I would pray. It was a very peaceful start to my day. I prayed throughout the day and relied on God.

It was a difficult time in life for me, I ran out of food, it was getting close to finals and I was going crazy trying to figure out what I really wanted to do besides International Business.

During this period of time where I did consistently read my bible, stayed in prayer and meditated I felt peace each and everyday. Like I did not really care about all the stuff that was going on around me.

Another time I was heavily into my bible and prayer was the only time (so far) that I felt like was my prime. I stood up late nights reading the bible and tried to be deep into prayer.

As I look back on it all it is mostly about conducting yourself as a christian and doing the right thing. Using the teachings as a guide for the way of thinking.

It all seems hard to do. Spending more time with God trying to adopt a certain mindset that is contrary to our own. It requires us to think outside of the box. The box is our world. This thing of rules and regulations, driven by money and power.  We have to think about the spiritual world and how to act by the spirit instead of the flesh.

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