Favor…for what?

Many times I have been shown favor but what does this mean. It is an indicator that I must be doing something right. My question is what did I do right?

Before I begin I would like for everyone to know just because God sends one message does not mean it has one meaning. In this case of being shown favor I feel as if there were two meanings and there maybe more.

I received an indication of favor 3 times which is the number of confirmation. Each time I have received favor it was when I decided to take a break from being mindless and on the internet. Not only was I escaping mindlessness but I had writing in mind. I tried to escape the anxiety of finding something to write about as well as gaining inspiration. On the third time I was actually trying to work on a script. I feel like when I attempted to work on the script that an overwhelming sense of peace came and I did not write but I received ideas. In other words I think God was happy that I decided to get out of the house and tried to write a script for a change.

Before I had reached that conclusion I had a different thought in my mind. The first thought that I had when I thought about the favor bestowed upon me I thought that God was delighted in my choice to stay at the school that I am in now. By staying in school I have to rely on God because I know nothing and he would really have to guide my path unlike dropping out where I would have to know what is next.

The last thought that came into my mind is that God could have possibly shown me favor just to let me know that he loves me very much. I hope that God shows everyone favor no matter what they are going through.

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