Introduction into Christian Education

Tonight I had the real and actual introduction into Christian Education or what I would like to say is discipleship.

I was introduced to humility. I had to suck up all the pride I had left to enter into class tonight. I had failed the class last semester so I must take it again in order to get somewhere.

I was introduced to patience. The instructor was not there while the students were. I mostly sat in silence waiting for something or someone to give us some information regarding the status of the class. Instead of just walking out and leaving I sat and waited.

While I sat in my seat I was introduced to peace. There is something about just enjoying the present situation. When I am not stressing over anything or thinking of anything petty then I am able to enjoy life. I am overwhelmed by peace. I do not have a to-do list. Just relaxing and having silence is wonderful.

On that note, I feel like the class was a good one. Instilling values like devotion and dedication which is needed in order to be a disciple.

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  1. lillianl17 says:

    Beautiful post! A great example of how God works things out for good, even the smallest of things.


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