Sick and Tired……

I am so sick and tired of fake christians. I understand that I am not the most perfect human being on the planet and I may not be the most qualified to say this but I am going to do it anyway. What really gets me is the fact that these certain people know about the end times and what may be coming. They can even address this in detail about what is coming in the near future, about the rapture and everything but they are the ones who behind close doors are not even praying. They are the ones who may not even believe in God and practice witchcraft or something else. They are the ones who even act fake and the ones in church on sundays with the best looking outfit. I am getting sick of this. It is like they don’t even really care about the end times that are coming. They are so busy trying to “save others” when they can’t even save themselves.


We get so caught up in ourselves as leaders that we forget what a leader truly is. We are to serve others and to be authentic within our special duties.  We forget the actually real power of God and let demons invade God’s sacred temple, our bodies. The demon takes over then we become even more lost. Those who have demons in them think they hold the power and can look into the mirror and not be scared of themselves.


We are in danger. We mystify God. We think God does magical things when some of the most practical things could be an act. We make the hollywood version of God our version of God and we box up the very thing that loves us. We tell this thing do not be free. We tell this thing don’t evolve and blow our minds. We tell this metamorphosis how we want things done what blessing we want and forget that this metamorphic entity, living and breathing thing is the source of all energies and can transform everything.


Christianity is dying. We must revive it. We must stop putting up a facade and a wall. We must come out of bondage. The way to coming out of bondage is transforming the mind within. We must transform it each day and feed it literally of spiritual food that will take root into the heart and be watered in order to produce fruit. We must spend time in our study and we must spend time in our gifts and talents in order for all of this to be a success. We can not do the same things that have been done before. We must let God use us and use us up to the fullest.


It is not just about saving souls. It is about establishing a relationship. We go to each other for different ideas and beliefs and we go to God for the final say. We explore. This is our lives. We live for God and we breath for God. Without this source of all, this metamorphosis nothing makes sense.

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