Meditation: Rod and Staff ( Psalm 23:4)

” Even though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort.”

While looking at the verse in depth the first time I mostly thought about how the rod and staff that God has is comforting to the human soul and that is because the rod and staff are symbols of leadership. God is referred to in this instance as a shepard leading it’s sheep (which are the disciples of Christ) down the path of green pastures (or heaven or the promise land or the new earth see proverbs). In further research I find that a rod disciplines sheep, defends against predators and helps keep track of sheep. The stuff separates the sheep from bad situations, guides sheep and keeps sheep with in the flock. Furthermore a rod is what a king uses as well and can serve as a symbol of power.

Tying all of this together God does not just lead us, God protects us and keeps us near him. So in other words the psalmist finds comfort with in God’s care even if he is in a bad situation or walking through a valley of the shadow of death.

When thinking about God and keeping him on our minds this act separates us from everyone else and protects us from the devil’s attacks. Through our minds we are able to connect with God on a deeper level and have the word rooted within our hearts. God and his works are the rod and the staff that we find comfort in.

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