Meditation: Fear of the Lord (psalm 22:23)

“You who fear the Lord praise him! Revere him, all you descendants of Israel”

I have been in fear of God mostly because of the fear of going to hell. I do not want to fall down and be out of God’s graces and sometimes I feel like, “shouldn’t I have a joyous walk” instead of feeling fearful all the time. Fear is what keeps me living. I haven’t thought of fear in such a way that some fear is good or that fear maybe even protects. Fearing God protects us  from his wrath. Fearing sin steers us away from it ( although many of us will be curious but it will keep us away for a long period of time). Fearing consequences protects us from getting caught.

From this I believe that the fear of God is a blessing. Living in this sort of fear is for our benefit.

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