Perfectly You

Photo du 7-24-14 à 4.10 PM

Today’s picture is one that I had made before going to Bible College. After I made it I thought it was perfect and beautiful just like I had it planned out in my head. Through God I feel like I am able to draw something beautiful or paint something awesome. He guides me with every line or stroke. He often challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone (mostly faces) and when I attempt and let him guide me I feel very happy.

I have always wondered the reason why I was bipolar. Many people would say because it was hereditary or because there is a chemical imbalance. I always wondered about the purpose and why this imbalance was created in the first place. It wasn’t until tonight while I was depressed and felt like I had to connect with God when I figured it out. When I am not with God I am depressed and it signals me to go and connect with God and when I stay connected to God for quite some time I feel joy and peace growing each day. When I disconnect from God for a certain amount of time I feel like I am drowning in darkness. I never knew that God could use our natural bodies in order to connect with us. I am very happy to know that God does not want me to forget about him and he wants to have a relationship with him. It is like a reminder to connect back with God. It is also a reminder that he is my comforter and when I go to him everything will be fine. I have to look back over my life and think about the times and the situations he has pulled me out of. If God wasn’t real I would be dead by now but Thank Goodness there is one. I thank God for my natural reminder to go back to him and to know that even when the world gets crazy I must go to him because he is my power source and my strength. I wish I knew about this earlier in life then a lot of stuff could have been avoided.

I would like for everyone to take a moment and talk to God about what you think is your imperfection.

Your imperfection maybe your perfection!

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